Who You Are?


  • You should focus on what’s important to you, not that bastard that upset you.  Whilst you are getting angry, he’s out dancing!
  • You look better when you smile.  It’s the fastest and least expensive way to get a facelift.
  • You are almost certainly more talented, more admired and more loved than you think you are.
  • You will sell zero copies of the book you never write.
  • You will be amazed how good you feel, after you tell someone how much you appreciate them.  Your kind words may also be the only sunshine they get that day.
  • You can either get a day older, or a day better.  Each day the choice is yours.
  • You are able to improve any element of your life or business, which you are unhappy with.  It’s all about intelligent activity.  Get the information you need, then use it!

You are also the reason I write this blog!


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