Hi mates! Let’s start with Australian type of Hello, because….

Yesterday, the main Australian hope – Leyton Hewitt – was defeated in the first round by Janko Tipsarevic in 3 straight sets! Time to retire, Leyton. But he still struggling. He won Kooyong Cup Tournament couple of days before Australian Open and we really hoped that he can move forward. But…. not this time. We’ll see you in Melbourne in 2014, Leyton!

Still there are couple of Aussies in tournament – Tomich, Stosur and others. We’ll follow them with hope and then we’ll enjoy fantastic, magic tennis of Federer, Djokovic, Nadal, Sharapova, Williams. Good weather, great tournament, beautiful people – the best of the best!

Ok, back to our job. Today I’ve created my first website! Interesting feelings – done something new for me, don’t understand 100% how it will help me to achieve my goal, but I am sure it will help. Will see.

And now it is a real start of new life. I don’t know why, but last couple of days I FEEL my heart. It is not pain, I am just feeling it, feel how it beats. And I am so excited. So much tension inside! Really don’t know why and what may be the reason?!!! May be it is time for major changing? I am in writing 24 days, in studding ”new life” about 1 month. Feelings that something happens inside you! What am I feel? Pain, changing, crashing, renewing, replacement? It is literally so hard to go through something that you don’t know! Some guidance, explanations, knowledge would be so necessary. I would strongly recommend to everybody who will change his/her life so crucial – be near with somebody who understand the process, can explain things, give appropriate advice. In my case – I’ll go through, I am  1000% sure that I am at the edge of new life! How beautiful is it! New life in which YOU responsible for yourself, your family, business and YOU can dictate what will be next! I am nearly here! Wish me Good Luck!

The same feelings I had 10 years ago when undertook self rebuilding course. I was in charge with my biggest project – Investment in Profit – and understood that I have not enough power to finalise it. I found special people and went through EXTREMELY HARD trainings – just to rethink and recharge my self. I still remember – feel – how my whole body was crashed! It was like box match with Mike Tyson! I don’t know how I went through this alive, but… It was really necessary. After such training I’ve pushed my Project up to the successful end without any doubts! You can imagine how much it cost me (not only in monetary terms). I would need to take a 3 month break after finishing of the event.

That experience was so important for me, in outer and inner life. How to overcome myself – changes that you need to perform inside you, and how to overcome life and business hurdles. So important lesson! Unfortunately, I’ve relaxed a bit last couple of years and should go through the same thing once more now. Similar feelings, tension, nervous, uncertainty, but 1000% confidence that I am going in to the right direction. Couple of days/weeks more and…. I’ll JUMP! To the Sky, To the Sun, To the Happiness, To the Luck and Prosperity! And I want you to be with me. It is so beautiful when you can share your joy with other people. Stay with me, be near – it will be more than enough JOY for every one. Trust me!

But now it is time to go. I need to do many things in order to JUMP and share my joy with you! I’ll be back very soon.

Sincerely yours,


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P.P.S. A. Murray won his first match in straight sets 6:3, 6:1, 6:3. Yet NO surprises on Australian Open.


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