The Bridge You'll Never Cross

It’s what you think that makes the world 
Seem sad or gray to you; 
Your mind may colour all things gray 
Or make them radiant hue. 
Be glad today, be true be wise, 
Distinguish gold from dross; 
Waste neither time nor thought about 
The bridge you’ll never cross. 
There’s useful work for you to do, 
For hand and brain and heart; 
There’s urgent human service too, 
In which to take your part. 
Make every opportunity 
A worth-while gain, not loss; 
The best is yours, so do not fear 
The bridge you’ll never cross. 
If life seems drab and difficult, 
Just face it with a will; 
You do not have to work alone, 
Since God is with you still. 
Press on with courage toward the goal, 
With truth your shield emboss; 
Be strong, look up and just ignore 
The bridge you’ll never cross.

Grenville Kleiser 


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