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Daniel Alaei Won His 4th WSOP Bracelet Scooping $852K

Daniel Alaei Won His 4th WSOP Bracelet

28-year-old California native Daniele Alaei won his first WSOP bracelet in 2006th. He became the winner of $5000 Deuce to Seven Lowball Championship. He added second bracelet in 2009th. Alaei triumphed at Omaha 8-or-Better. During the next year the player won $10 000 PLO Championship.

However he was not going to stop. Alaei added 4th bracelet to his collection on Monday when he won $10 000 PLO Championship. The player from California bagged $852 000. Omaha event had 386 participants. They have created huge prize pool – $3,62 Millions. Alaei took home his lion’s share. However it is interesting that he specializes in ring-table games. But Alaei’s tournament profits has already reached $6,35 Millions.

“I feel great!”, – said Daniel. “It has been several years from my last win at WSOP. Nice that I managed to win it again, especially taking into account that I don’t play as often as I used to. I presented my first bracelet to my father who passed away last December. My mum got my second bracelet. The third bracelet was presented to my brother. And I am going to give this bracelet to my wife……

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Tom Christopher Triumphed 2013 Deep Stacks PT Patriot Poker Classic 

Mohegan Sun Casino of Connecticut hosted 2013 DeepStacks Poker Tour Patriot Poker Classic Main Event. NL Holdem re-entry tourney attracted 167 poker players. The buy-in was $1500 and the prize pool exceeded $250 000. Relatively unknown poker player Tom Christopher managed to win the tourney having bagged 54 grands.

Christopher was not among title contenders starting final table short-stacked. However he managed to survive. With help of luck Tom won several coin-flips knocking out opponents. It resulted in chip leading. He battled Joe Starratt heads up. The advantage of Christopher was tremendous: his stack was four times bigger than stack of Starratt.

Players spent more than 30 minutes battling for the title. Starratt was unable to cope with large stack of Christopher. By the way Tom hit his ever biggest score winning $54 392. Hopefully we will see him more often playing live tournaments.

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Good evening my dear friends!

13 is my LUCKY number! Great, I mentioned it only now, at the end of the day. In total day was not really bad – started at 3am with Streaming Club webinar, which didn’t take place! Some technical difficulties didn’t allow Bob Proctor take part in his webinar and they decided to move it to another day. At the end it is great, because only now I formulated my question to Bob. Will send it tomorrow.

The funniest part of this technical joke is that in 3 hours he will be able to hold You Born Rich webinar. 3 hours make a difference! Between these webinars I had time for Portal MAZAL, Contest and emails. Than I have some meetings, a bit of work – sent one more Business Proposal – and we (I and my wife) went to Family council. And here I am proud of myself! I did many wrong things in my life, especially in relations with Bella, but my basic principles about how we can move towards each other were approved by professional psychologist. Small steps which not necessary connected to the matter of the problem will help us to find points of attraction! Cool! I am really proud!

The rest of the day went without anything unusual – I read You Were Born Rich with workbooks – very inspiration reading. One problem – I am so tiered that it is time to go to bed. Starting from 3am till 10pm – more than enough for 1 day!

Just share my gratitude and achievements:


  • I am grateful for my wife and for my family
  • I am grateful for today beautiful day
  • I am grateful for my adorable son


  • Deleted account on Empower Network
  • Ordered Infinite Profit Business Cards
  • Found Flexible – WordPress theme for my website
  • Day 6 of Success Puzzle
  • Created question to Bob Proctor

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Day 7 of Success Puzzle
  • Ad for my Money Back guarantee Business Offer
  • You Were Born Rich – reading
  • Friday evening with family (candles)

See you tomorrow with much better results!

Sincerely yours,


Goodbye Empower!


Goodbye Genachowski – CableFAX

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goodbye empower



EMPOWER Fun | Its hard to say Goodbye

a small video from Me, Diwan, Mahmoud and Mike saying goodbye to you guys was so good lol.

John Miner from Nevada gained newest Card Player texas hold’em event. Poker gamer came to be the champ of Card Player Poker Tour Atlantis All-In Poker Series ME. The tournament was held at Atlantis Casino Resort (Nevada). Probably Miner felt comfy having fun as a home group.
Tournament buy-in was rather cost-effective– around $1050. However there were simply 190 participants. Miner played heads-up versus his buddy Jerry Morrel. Buddies decided to negotiate splitting reward swimming pool. At the same time they accepted be all-in in next hand. Lucky Miner had AQ and his opponent held Q2. Disaster, turner and stream didn’t impact and Miner succeeded his title.
The happy champion informed that he can not stand by ahead residence along with his winning. He was very happy along with the victory. At the same time Miner accepted that competitors was tough and various other gamers played fairly well. Well, actually Card Player online poker events do not belong to exclusive live casino poker tourneys so many online poker pros skipped the event. However former globe champion Jerry Young joined the tournament. A number of famous pros additionally decided to give a shot. Steve Brecher, David Randall and Charles Moore among others….

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Poker Winners and Losers

Counting out the poker winnings. There are winners and there are losers, J2daG included.


Evening, my dear friends!

I am not saying Good on purpose. This evening really not so good – friend of mine called me today during the day and told that his dog died. Really, when you face up the death you don’t know what to say, what to think or what to do. This is our destination point and when sometimes God point it to us…. You start to understand or rethink some your activities, thoughts, feelings. Dog’s name was Sam. He was nearly 14 years old – fairly old dog with bunch of sickness that everybody may have in this age (14 dog’s years is about 80 man years). But death… I am speechless. My dog is also nearly 14 years old (will be 14 in June 2013) – I can’t imagine what and even how it may be! We are doing something, struggling, arguing, aspiring and suddenly… In this moment you understand that it can’t be: I’ll work a bit more now and will have rest tomorrow; one more business meeting and I’ll go for a walk with my son at the end of the week; I am too busy now to call parents, do it on the weekend! REMEMBER! It may not be tomorrow, end of the week or weekend! You can’t “LIVE TOMORROW”. Nothing more important that YOU and YOUR FAMILY, parents,  wife, children, friends. All the rest is the rest! Enjoy life, enjoy it every second! Don’t think about tomorrow problems – tomorrow will be tomorrow (or not will be). Live today and now! Because if you worrying today about tomorrow it means only one thing: you don’t enjoy today’s life because of hypothetical tomorrow problems. But problems may disappear, move from tomorrow or whatever. Your worries were worthless, but day YOU LOST! Don’t loose MINUTES! Live every second!

My condolences to my friend! Sam was a great dog. May he rest in peace!

Want, don’t want, but it is time to overlook results of the day and put some milestones for tomorrow:


  • I am grateful for my wife and for my family
  • I am grateful for another day
  • I am grateful for Universe support


  • Marketing campaign with money back guarantee – this is my know how!
  • Made 2 Business Offer with Money Back guarantee
  • Hosted my website for Infinite Profit
  • Day 5 of Success Puzzle
  • Inspired on todays Master Mind call

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Day 6 of Success Puzzle
  • Ad for my Money Back guarantee Business Offer
  • Streaming Club with Bob Proctor at 3am
  • Next lesson with Bob Proctor

It will be tough day tomorrow, not many things I’ll able to do, but still I am on good speed.

Be healthy and happy!



Love Life!


SLOW LOVE means engaging with the world in a considered, compassionate way, appreciating the miraculous beauty of everyday moments, and celebrating the interconnected nature of life. SLOW LOVE LIFE is a place to

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2012 WMG “Love Of Your Life” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, out now.

Love of My Life – The Wedding Song


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