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Good evening everybody!

First day of 4 days weekend is passed. Can’t say that it was lazy or tough day – something in the middle. Unfortunately, I have not fulfilled all tasks that I have for today. But let’s start from the beginning.

Day started at 4:00 with some toilet procedures and cup of coffee. Then I FINISHED Success Puzzle! That is all! From tomorrow I am starting my 90 days commitment – every morning I’ll study exercises from Success Puzzle. This is very exited thing! Then I made a post to Transformation contest and started to deal with my schedule. And this is become a problem.

I am very organised person – all things should be on there places, I should know what I am doing today, tomorrow, what we planning for the week, etc. But now I am a bit frustrated. I am trying to push ALL necessary work inside 7 days of the week and….. as I see looking for today it is really hard GOAL! It is even more interesting! I have 2 main business directions – Portal MAZAL and Infinite Profit (Marketing/Business/Branding/Strategy Consulting). Plus I have a huge amount of self improvement study from Bob Proctor. Plus I have family duties and passion to spend time with my little one Danik. Still have tailings from Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind. Plus Facebook, Twitter, Stream Club Promotion, my blogs. I am sure that I forget something. Yes, of course, Portal and Consulting include many things that I should deal with. I need to prepare all things for office opening at the 1-st of May, hire couple of managers, create content for Consulting website, structure for Portal. Need To Quite something .

My main focus on this step will be SCHEDULE! I’ll work out all details and nuances till the end of the next week. And now some Results, Gratitude and Achievements. Despite the fact that I do not have time to do everything planned, I have an achievements.


  • I am grateful for my talents and ability to work out problems
  • I am grateful for my brilliant health
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to start new life
  • I am grateful to Bob Proctor for Friday story


  • Finished Success Puzzle
  • Signed a contract for news content fot Portal MAZAL
  • Went twice for a walk with my son Daniel
  • Bought video materials related to WordPress
  • Easily won my tennis match today – 6:1, 6:1

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • First day of Success Puzzle commitment
  • Synagogue
  • Write Goals – all goals from small to big and range them accordingly. What is the first, second, etc.
  • Work with schedule (don’t want to rewrite “Write Goals” avery day, need to accomplish it)

It is always messy when you start something. It is the start of Second Part of my new life and not all things are established for now. No problem, 7-10 days and all will be FIXED! Concentration and will. Desire and faith. All these I have – new life is HERE!

Hello Saturday, you are Welcome!



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Good evening, my dear readers!

Second day of my new journey, Sunday after Shabbat. Today I played tennis. I played 4 hours, I played 5 sets, I played competitions first time in 28 years! I don’t remember exactly when, but I think that my last competitions was about grade 8 or 9. It means around 1984 – 1985. If my competitions would be next year I could say 30 years out of tournaments. Now it is about 28-29 years! But my story not about the years. My story is about Paradigms.

My fierst match started today at 11:30. My opponent was a good guy who knows how to play and doest it not bad. But I know that I should win this match. My level is higher that his, this is for sure. Ok, game started. 1-st set I lost 3:6. Good start! Remember, I knew that he is lower level than me. And 2-nd set showed this 100% – I won 6:0. What do you think was in my head? Nothing exceptional, everybody would have the same – ok, now all on there places, I’ll finish with this match in 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it happens – you started not so good, some other reasons – doesn’t matter, now all OK. And we started 3-d set. I am telling you this story because it shows my paradigm, that I can’t change for now. How my life went until now: I started something, at the beginning it was a bit hard, than it went beautiful, I relaxed and all falled down below zero! Only at this moment I started to fix and straighten it. In 95% of cases I succeed in my fixing efforts (will discuss the rest 5% may be in the following posts). But the main problem, the main pattern is – bring it all to absurdity and then start to fix! Awful paradigm! You know, in some cases you may not have resources or will to fix. Much better not to bring all things down to the earth. This is my paradigm and I thought that I overcame it. 3-d set showed me that I am only at the beginning of my way. Remember – I won 6:0 second one and found myself with 5:2 and 40:15 on my opponent serve in 3-d set! It means 2 match balls! After 6:0 in Second one! Great paradigm! I don’t know how and why, but I won this match – 7:5 in 3-d set. My opponent was shocked and I was proud of myself! Look, I won 5 straight games in 3-d set after 2 match balls.

Then was the second match. I was TOTALLY relaxed- what do you want after such a dramatik match. In this relaxed condition I won match 6:2, 6:3. It was a small concentration problem at the end, but I overcame it. I lead 5:0 in 2-d set and lost 3 games in a row! I was 1 game from winning and couldn’t coop myself for final balls. It took me FOUR games to finish the match. And this is another problem inside me – I need to learn how to finalize things. Don’t relax one second before – it will cost another couple of hours/days/weeks/years. So many things that I HAVE TO learn! I am on my way.


  • I am grateful to Dendy Park tennis club for this opportunity to play competition
  • I am grateful my wife and son for there support


  • I won very hard tennis match, my first match in competitions – 3:6, 6:0, 7:5
  • I made I come back from 2:5 and 15:40 in the 3-d set
  • I finished my morning schedule in time


  • First day with new schedule, I am excited to start and check how it works
  • Waiting for new quote regarding hydronic heating
  • 1-st Day of Passover (Peisah) , 1-st Seder

See you tomorrow with the report about new schedule, but before Seder.



P.S. Check, check – I am still HERE –


Paradigm and our life

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An awesome video for which I cannot claim credit. In fact, I received this in a post on fb. I had to share it! It’s that good! I traced it back to David McLain.

Zdoroven’ki buli! (This Ukrainian – Hello) Why? I don’t know!

It was hard night and pretty tough day. Yesterday it was too hot – about 40+C and night was also very hot. My little son Daniel walk nearly whole night. If he slept may be 2-3 hours during the night it was good! You can understand that his parents (it means me also) didn’t sleep also. Day started around 5am. And this is not the hardest part of the day – he didn’t go to the kindergarden (he attending kindergarden on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). What does it mean? He is staying home, very unsettled after restless night and we also not in the best mood!

My list of what to do had about 20 something items. Good Luck to do this after such night and with totally unsettled little one at home! I had to perform the feat. To be completely honest with you  – I nearly done it. If I’ll be able to finish this post my feat will be nearly done – it is 9pm and I am…. sleeping on the keyboard.

But at the end of the day I’ve done the most part of the list. I really was surprised with this level of productivity. I am proud of myself. I’ve finished all homework for Bob Proctor seminars – tomorrow morning will be 3-d lesson. I am on track, trying to fully concentrate on this material. As more you understand your mind – the easier it become to achieve results. And on this stage of my life I want to change my paradigm up to the end! That’s all, enough struggling up and down! I want constant, positive movement UP, towards my MAIN STAR – Business Portal Investments in Profit! This GOAL should be achieved in 5 years, period!

But first steps should be not so ambitious – need to understand myself and attract enough amount players to Portal MAZAL. First part looks more easy, but in reality it is the most complicated thing! Need to understand, explain to your mind that what it imagine as fantasy – reality. Need to crash all up to date mind structure and create totally new. How long it may take? Who knows…. I need to perform it in a month. I have very limited time frame for changes that should have been done – there are too many problems I’ve created in my life till now.

On this background second part of my first step program looks like a kid’s game. So many people looking for online casino that it is so obvious to attract them, especially if you give them FREE Bonuses and CASH BACK! I’ve dedicated to this more than a half day today. Created description for potential partners, described in details affiliate program and… made a decision – I’ll push my existing website. I don’t want to wait for anybody, for perfect outcome, for the best product. From now on – do what you can do, what you can afford and when money will flow – improve the product. Otherwise you have a huge risk not to stay alive until FENOMENAL results!

Wooowwww, it is 10:30pm and I am going to bed… I’ve done this and I am DONE for today! Tomorrow morning will start with new lesson and I’ll share it with you.

Follow me closely,


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Good evening my dear friends!

Beautiful Saturday, just back home from fantastic trip to lake near Melbourne. But let’s start from the beginning.

Morning started as usual at 6am. Despite the fact that is Saturday today I got up at 6am (instead of usual 7am on weekends). Reason was very simple – rescheduled seminar by Bob Proctor. Instead of Friday morning (I’ve mentioned it in yesterday post – technical problems, caused by my over tensioning!) it was rescheduled on Saturday 9am and Monday 7am (by the way, I am thinking to take part in tomorrow seminar also – I feel that it starts VERY important information, some basic knowledge which WILL and HAVE TO help me overcome my very strong PARADIGM). Back to today morning – I had plenty of time to make my morning exercises – shower, dog, half an hour Bob Proctor listening, emails and ETR Contest (I HAVE TO win once!). And at 9am it was started. This time without any problems (were some missing near the end, but generally it was ok). Can’t say you now what it was exactly about – need time to understand and put it on the shelves of the mind – but the main idea was very clear and simple: what for we are here?! Our Mission, Vision and Goals. I should listen it couple of times more and then I can give you a brief explanation of this lesson.

I have a suggestion (before I’ll go further with my day) to you, my dear followers. I am going through very hard period of my life. I’ve signed up for Bob Proctor’s seminar because I am at the edge! I need to work out my life – financial, family, social, health, etc. – and I need a serious help in this. That’s why I bought this course. As will go through it I will post my results and quintessence of Bob’s lessons. It you want – you can follow, if you want – you can do the same exercises (I’ll briefly explain main steps and exercises),  if you want – you can improve the quality of your life. If not – no problem, just read it and relax, laugh, enjoy – whatever you want. Have questions – send it to me, have arguments – let’s discuss. The main idea let’s shake up the swamp, push our life, let’s ROCK! Drugs, Sex, Rock-n-Roll! Remember! It was a great time!

Good, left it for weekdays – we’ll think about this on Monday (may be I’ll have more appropriate ideas). The rest of Saturday may went not so exiting, because my wife and little son Daniel didn’t want to leave the house. They wanted to stay home! As for me it is kind of a stupid idea for Saturday when you have 35C outside. But I’ve decided not to argue and…. went to sleep. Look, I am getting up at 6am and going to bed usually not early than midnight (yesterday I went around 1am). 5-6 hours of sleep is not really enough for me – I used to sleep an AVERAGE 8-9 hours during the week. But now I will live better!

I went to sleep…. for half an hour and then went to buy new cartridge for my printer. I bought it and had a very nice conversation with the owner of this shop – may be he can order from my some kind of marketing strategies/promotions. He wants to sell this business and I really may help him to sell it more expensive. When I came back I decided without ANY doubts – we should go OUT – to the sea, lake, nature – whatever, but preferably to the place where there is water. And we went to beautiful lake – about 40min from my house. It was a former water reservoir and now just a very nice place  – swimming, walking, rest, barbecue – all what you can imagine (including wild life – ducks, kangaroo) you can find there. It was fantastic rest! I am in the process of clearing my mind (something like Format C in Windows) and it was really helpful. We should visit this place more often and we will!

We came back only around 8pm (remember – we were with 3 years old Daniel). Another hour, hour and a half – we need to drive home Bella’s parents, and only at 9;30pm he went to shower. It means that he’ll go to bed not earlier than 10pm – very bad…. I am writing this post now and they are in the shower.

Time to finalise my writing and go to say Good Night to my son.

Good Night to all of you, have a good and healthy Sunday (don’t drink much today!).

Sincerely yours,


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Good day, my dear followers! Hope it is or will be really good for you. It is Friday and just because it is last weekday day (last before weekend) it should be GREAT and BEAUTIFUL!

What about me? I am sure that I am nearly good. As you can remember (I also put it to the header for those who has very short memory) yesterday was very hard day. I fought with different paradigms, with myself, was so angry for all around me, that…. The thing that I am gonna tell you now – something beyond the bounds of ordinary mind. Hard day huge amount of not very good emotions, frustration, etc. All these negative factors gave me this result. Listen me careful here! It should be Bob Proctor’s webinar today at the morning (5pm Toronto time, 9am Melbourne time). I got up as usual at 6am, shower, walk with dog, morning listening of Bob Proctor’s audio, coffee, one more coffee and I am with my iPad waiting for webinar. I am much better that yesterday, and I am planning to listen webinar and go swimming with my little 3 years old sion Daniel. Good plans for Friday, but… 5min – nothing, 15min – nothing, 30min – nothing! “Webinar will begin shortly. Please, remain on the line” Very encouraging phrase especially when you listening it for 40min! And you can’t do anything, you can’t check what happend,what will be! We have only emails, I’ve sent couples, but how it can help? I was lucky to have couple of Skype addresses of Bob Proctor’s team, but his secretary only gave me one more email address and only one member of his team offered some help – he started to check what’s going on. In 10-15min I was informed that there are technical problems and webinar will be moved for the next day (now I know that it will be tomorrow). Nothing criminal? Things happens?! You can easily ask – where did I find a problem and some kind of NOT REAL thing?! I’ll explain it to you now!

It was about 8 years ago. I created seminar “Investments in Profit”. President’s Putin palace was ready to receive visitors, Al Ries and his daughter Laura were on the plain, Stockholm Economy School was ready to start it’s program. Was only one problem – I had ONLY about 30% of expecting participants! What doe in mean? Simple as 2 multiply 2 – we didn’t sell enough tickets to even pay to speakers, palace and transport companies! It is a HUGE failure! Failure that might cost me about $1 000 000 (yes, 1 million dollars)! Can you imagine my condition?! Didn’t try even – it is really DANGEROUS for you health. Ok, but need to do something. I can’t simple sit and look how $1mln descends to the toilet. Because next to this million I’ll go to the same direction! I can’t describe the state of my internal stress! There is only one way out of this situation – huge sale (up to 50%) and…. SPAM. You can’t find more civilised methods when you need to receive 200 customers in 3 days. Only spam.

Good, I am ordering spam and wait for results. NOTHING! SILENCE! I couldn’t understand anything! I started to call spam companies – they don’t answer! You can’t even IMAGINE the level of my ANGER! No way out! 2 days before seminar, 100 participants out of 300! Creditors somewhere here (God bless they didn’t know anything – but it was really hard to spoke with them with HUGE smile telling them how AWESOME all will be in.. 2 days!) Awesome would be to stay alive after such seminars! After 1 day of suspense spam company called me and explained situation. Of course, sometime it happens, but as long as they remember (about 15 years of practise) it happens ONLY when police or hackers starting to interfere them – servers have fallen! It doesn’t happened in normal life! I had a mentor at that time (to be honest with you – I couldn’t do this seminar and overcome all these problems without my mentor) and she told me – RELAX! If you want to do this seminar and stay alive – RELAX! You see – even mechanisms have fallen down. You have so incredible amount of energy that it is better to direct your energy to creation, not to destruction. Look, person can affect mechanical tools which situated thousands and thousands of kilometers away from him. Imagine what your family experiences around you at these moments!

That is all! I finished! Enough for today… Ok, I kidding a bit, need some conclusions. Here they are. Spam was successful – we received even more participants (it was ok), I finalised all my relations with sponsors, Al Ries was really happy (we still in touch with him), in short – we overcome problems and prepared fantastic seminar! Why do I recall it now? My inner tension yesterday was close to that one (8 years ago) and as the result – technical problem with webinar. Looks so similar! Nearly the same situation! What does it mean – it means that all will be OK, GOOD, FANTASTIC! As a confirmation – my rabbi come now, exactly near the end of this post! Usually he comes an hour later, but today… As a good sign! I am happy! New Life, New Emotions, New Experience!

See you on Saturday,

Shabat Shalom,


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