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Good day everybody!

It is real summer in Melbourne – more than a week temperature is around 30-35C, today was and still is very nice day. We should even to switch on airconditioner for couple of hours – upstairs and downstairs (pretty expensive pleasure, because I still didn’t change that antique airconditioner which supply 1-st floor with heat/cool; last winter I’ve paid more than $2 000 for 2 month in electricity bills!!!)

Some kind of adventure with Bob Proctor seminar also occurred today – I’ve decided to attend once more the same seminar – it is very important part of study and I wanted to repeat it. This time it started at 7am (usually I get up at 7am on weekends). No problem, this weekend was like week day – get up at 6am – and I was on the legs at 6am (today without morning shower – I had tennis game at 9:30am), checked email, wrote ETR Contest and…. wasted another 30min looking on the static picture on the screen of my iPad. The same situation as it was on Friday! Can you imagine how angry I was?!!! And this is really bad when you start day from such a negative emotions! I am not so professional for now to manage myself very quickly and big part of my day went…. You can imagine where! I know that this is MY PROBLEM and this is a very bad part of my character – this is the major or one of the main problems that I need to overcome, crash, change, replace! It will not work in the life – one negative emotion will ruine you nearly whole day! (To be honest with you I recovered, maybe not till the end, only now – 5:30pm – look, how this is bad)

The rest of the day wasn’t fantastic, as I just explained. I’ve lost my game – 1:6; 6:1; 3:6. And in the third set I was winning 3:1!!!! It was too hot – 11:30am, I’ve totally lost concentration, etc., etc., etc. Whole world was against me! All around was bad and only I… And only I was and is so stupid person who can’t coop with my own thoughts and emotions. I’ve posted couple of days ago how tennis may be the mirror of your life (when I was loosing and then concentrated, recovered and won). Today was exactly the same situation, but…. without happy end. I was too sad with this seminar problem that I couldn’t simply concentrate when it was necessary. Very simple, very frustrating.

At the end all finished good – I’ve receive email with apologies from Bob’s team (from there side seminar went without any problems). They sent me a link to this webinar and I already went through it once more – my emotional conditions become much better! Now I need to make very sharp schedule for the next week – I need

  • start email campaign in order to receive not less than 1 000 new depositors casino players to my website;
  • receive template for the new website, approve/change it a bit and upload
  • change hosting for – existing is too slow and I don’t want to pay now more money to additional hosting provider;
  • make a huge home work before the next lesson in Bob’s seminars – it will take not less than couple of days, full days. Very important exercises – understand my Vision, Goals, Mission. It take times to think through this, feel it and make a right conclusions.

Week should be busy! Because next lesson is on the 20-th of February and today is 17-th! It is the blueprint of my life that I HAVE TO change – or nothing or more than enough. One of the first goal – start manage my activities in the right manner. I Don’t want “all hands on deck” type of life and activities. Period! New life – new habits!

Upon this, I leave of you, my dear followers,

Yours Leonid

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Hello, hello!

Beautiful weather – real summer here, in Melbourne. It was fantastic couple of days and should be the same another 4-6 days. Will see! February FROSTS as we used to say in Russia, here is February HOTS!

Today was very quite day. Nothing special and…. was time to fight with Terra Barriers. Awful situation. I understand that it is kind of stupidity that person should work EVERY working day from 8 till 5 and rest on weekends. Why weekends and weekdays? How amount of money you earning may corresponds to days you are working? So taken, we were taught in this manner. But why? Why should I be bothered on Thursday? I want to relax especially now – what is the problem? My business is in internet and I am waiting for certain products – video and texts. Can’t start campaign without these. What is my fault? Why I “ate” myself during this day? Why I am thinking about problems that MAY OCCUR in couple of weeks? Why do I feel guilty in advance? Look, so many questions!!! And I can put them more and more. Stupid paradigm!

I’ll not answer all these questions one by one – I’ll try to explain ALL OF THEM to myself in ONE paragraph, sentence, word, WHATEVER! This is the way how we living and results we receiving! That’s all, this is an answer. I understand, it is a very hard time now – now job, no stable income, business just started. At the same time mortgage need to be paid, kids going to school/kindergarden – this is money, living expenses, bills, gas, insurance, registration….. you know that I can continue this list more and more. What to do? From ordinary point of view – find a job in a week with the same or higher salary and all will be ok. The question is – why all around you LOVE to BELIEVE in this idea rather than in idea that new business may bring enough money from the first weeks? How stupid is it – you was fired and immediately find new better job?!! Like fantasy, fairy tail! On the other hand it is also hard to believe that brand new business will replace IMMEDIATELY yesterday salary. Usually it needs couple of month, years to start business and become independent businessman.

The funniest thing is – everybody readily believe in first fantasy (with new job) and totally reject the idea of profitability of new business! Why? Can somebody explain me this phenomena?!!! This is our nurture, paradigm, way of thinking from our ancestors. And everybody around me (and you, if you, God forbid, will find yourself in such situation) started this very old song! How can I find new job in a week? The same chances as to win lottery (I prefer and SURE in second). But when I put my efforts to push my own business everybody looks at me like I am crazy! How come! We don’t have money for living expenses and he starts to create business. Earn at the beginning, put enough in the bank (up to the end of the life) and than you can “create” whatever you want! The funny thing is – my head working exactly the same! And all day today it was a HUGE fight between my paradigm and things that I want in my life! Hope that my wishes should win! I’ll know it in the nearest future – in couple of week.

Remember, I wrote in January when I started my epic firing that it was the hardest days of my present life – so hard inside, tense, nervous! My today situation is much TENSE from inside that was that situation. Everything is relative in life! We know this. And tomorrow may be even worth than now, but…. TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER! THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW WILL BE MUCH MORE BETTER THAN TODAY! And in a month I will recall these days as the biggest nightmare in my present life.

Goals are simple and clear: $3 000 000 in 2013, $250 000 per month and this monthly income will start in April! PERIOD! Went to write financial plan for this income. Don’t disturb, please.

Sincerely yours,


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Diary Of My New Life: Day30

Hello, hello, I am here!

I somebody didn’t watch yesterday tennis – you’ve missed half of your life! 5 sets and the last is 12:10. This was Djokovic against….. (not Federer, not Nadal and even not Murray)! It was Djokovic against ….. Wawrinka! Sensation was near! Just have a look at the last point – MATCH POINT for Djokovic and emotions afterwards.

And now Federer playing with Raonic. Without any surprises Federer won 1-st sel and now it is second. Don’t think that it will be any news in my blog today, but tomorrow I’ll post a result.

Today was pretty busy day. I had couple of meetings wich move me further to my ultimate goal in 2013 – $3 000 000. I am 1000% sure that I’ll aim this goal. Need only do all things consistently, step by step.

At the evening I have a meeting with my neighbour – he has a hobby – make electronic keys for motorcycles. If somebody lost motorcycle key he creates duplicate and programme it. You can’t imagine how much this key may cost – Up to $1 500! And this is very, very cheap. The same thing from dealer may cost twice more expensive and you may wait more than a month (he does it during the day).

He wants this hobby to become his main job and looking for marketing and promotion. We met each other on the Christmas party inside our community. He was very passion about making website, promote it, create forum, blog and all other different attributes of Internet Marketing. Slowly but surely we moving towards his order. Today we outlined approximate budget and time frame, I showed him couple of my samples – I have so many different examples for 20 years of experience… He was really impressed!

As a normal person he doesn’t like to invest money – he prefer to receive them. But he understands that without investments you can’t earn enough. What does it mean enough? Not some kind of pocket money (as he has now) but a consistent amount of PROFIT! Ir is better to invest in things and methods that will provide stable future rather than receive one moment benefit. (Sometimes ordinary, land based persons understand more and better than so called businessmen who will argue about the necessity of vision….)

Another very important aspect is trust! All over my life I was, I am and I will be an HONEST person. That’s why not all my project were successful, that’s why I have so many  friends and potential clients. When you open minded person it is much easier to establish good contacts with people. They feel trust and calm. And if they don’t start witch hunting they receiving from me much more than they paying. I am kind of giving sort of person. But sometimes people afraid of my knowledge (especially high level type of management, GM for example) and start to dig under me. No problem! If you don’t want my knowledge and service tell it face to face, don’t play round the back. It will be more honest and resultative than create fairy tales for owner. You’ve lost me, you’ve lost your way, you’ve go back on track. Because if you don’t develop your company you choose the way of DEGRADATION! Good Luck to you and Good Health to your GM!

Federer and Raonic playing tie break in the 2-d set! What do you think – will be sensation? I don’t want. Will see tomorrow.

Time to educate myself – Napoleon Hill is waiting.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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Diary Of My New Life: Day28

Hi, hi, hi! Hope everyone is good! Saturday is a great day!

Not many shocking news from Australian Open 2013 – Sharapova, Federe, Ferer, Djokovic in the next round. As it was predictable. Just short highlights video:

There are some days in our life when nothing much is happening. Relaxation days. You enjoy time with your family, kids. These days are the best days of our life!

Really, think about this. Days when you through out all good/bad/rite/wrong thoughts from your mind and just enjoy life! Beautiful nature – as it was today – we went to Dandenong Rangers National Park and walked there about 4-5 hours. We made a 6 km route – with 3 years old boy, my wife and oldest son. Up and down the hills, it was hot and windy, sometimes hard! But it was fantastic – I forgot about all problems that we have and simply enjoyed being with my family, enjoyed physical stuff, 1000 years nature.

Then we fed parrots. It is a beautiful attraction. They are sitting on you, attacking you – just give them some special food. There are 2 major types of parrots there – big white ones and small/middle red/green cockatoos. They are so friendly! Crowds of people gathering around to make a photo, shoot video, just feed them. This is unforgettable experience. If you planning to visit Fentree Gully. Spend couple of hours, take a look at this – you will not regret!

Back at home at the evening. Cup of my favorite strong expresso, walk with the dog – great day! Now sitting and writing this blog I am watching french duel – Simon – Monfis. Another set point for Monfis. Let’s have a close look…. 1min still playing….. opsss…. another set point saved (3-th set point). 4-th set point!!! They playing so long rallies!!! 2-3 min each ball!!!  YeeeeSSS He won – 6:4!!!

Now I can go further with my blog. But nothing left – no news, no information. Just for report – I am in the middle of Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success. Very hard to read – English is not my native language – I understand that for native speakers it is fantastik language, but I am struggling a bit. That is the main reason why I still didn’t finish this book.

Unfortunately it will not be enough time for Bob Proctor’s You Were Born Rich. Only meditation time and Main Goal description. I think it is a good time for one more commitment – I’ll finish with You Were Born Rich workbook during next week! I should do this. Just think that I should do this about a week, but still didn’t move. That’s all – next week will be final. I should move further.

Ok, it is 22:20 now in Melbourne, tomorrow we’ll go for another ride – Quality Family Time (I am really enjoy spend time with my little Daniel and whole family)! Now I need to finalize some working aspects – meditation, main goal, may be a bit of seminar. Will see.

See you tomorrow,

Yours Leonid

P.S. Check news HERE



Hallo ihr alle! (Today is German day)

Monday is a hard day! A bit cold but still comfortable in Melbourne. But the most important thing here is Australian Open! Today is the first day of the first Grand Slam in the year!

Some results of the first day:

Sharapova – Puchkova 6:0, 6:0 – smash-up!

Stosur – Kai-Chen 7:6, 6:3 – hard but going further

V.Williams – Voskoboeva 6:1, 6:0 – favourites are Favourites!

Djokovich just started and Hewitt will play at the evening.

Enjoy the First Grand Slam event of the year. Visit Australian Open official site to check the latest results and other information –

But these are BIG events. We are a bit lower for now. I’ll be involved in Australian Open much more next year. My little one will be 4 years old and we’ll start to play and watch big tennis. It is amazing sport! As you maybe know, I’ve played tennis for 12 years (from 1-st Grade in school till 2-nd year in University). I love this sport. It is so intellectual, so dynamic and developing. My little one will play it definitely!

My first year in Australia we went to the Australian Open Final. It was an unforgettable experience! Federer versus Nadal – classic match for the beginning of the 21-st century. It was time when Nadal became to challenge Federer from Number 1 position in the world. They were too close to each other (Djokovich at that time was Number 3 without any doubts – loosing both Federer and Nadal). 5 Sets, nearly 5 hours and crying Federer at the end! I don’t think that I had so strong emotions before. It was my first time on Grand Slam finals and I am sure that not the last. Next year we’ll go without any doubts!

Today also Birthday for my Lucky Rich Team – team, which will help everybody to overcome life difficulties, earn money, find new ways in life and much much more. It will be an Ambulance for people who need help in life! What to do, how to do, where to find, where to go and…. more and more. Ask you questions, ask for any type of help – here in comments or in Lucky Rich Team section – you’ll be answered in 24 hours! This is our promise – answer in 24 hours (7 days per week)!

I can also add one more small milestone here. Today I’ve started rebranding process of my website Portal MAZAL. I think that this is just 4-th reincarnation of this project. But with this version we’ll move much further – up to $3 000 000 income per year, starting in 2013. I don’t think that it will be the final version but I am 1000% sure that it will be the MOST PROFITABLE version up to NOW! I’ve put an order, paid 50% and in 2 weeks time I’ll show you my NEW business. On this stage I cut all my connections to Russia! I’ve struggled about a year, I paid about $10K and still don’t have normal working website! Enough is enough! Here for $300 I’ll receive properly working website with all basic features that I need. And all these features will work properly!!! Time to decide and earn money. My commitment of $3 000 000 this year doesn’t leave me huge amount of time for thinking and relaxing.

Look, this Monday is very Productive for me. I hope the same for the rest of the week. I am not hope – I am sure! It means that I am on the way, on the right way to my GOAL. My family will be proud of me!

While I wrote this post Djokovic won 1-st set and lead in the 2-nd (6:2, 3:2) – final result tomorrow. I’ll review every day the most interesting matches of Australian Open.

See you on court,


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