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Sensational Revenge cost $1,5 millions!

Several days ago Victor Blom smashed Ben Tolleren winning more than $1,7 m. Two poker sharks played Omaha at Full Tilt Poker tables. However the Swede didn’t stop when it was needed. The players continued their epic battle and Tolleren amazed his opponent with incredible comeback. The total fiasco of Victor Blom resulted in losing of $1,5 m.

It should be noted that the beginning of new round of the conflict didn’t give any idea about following triumph of Tolleren. Blom added extra $200 000 but he was unable to cope with the pressure. Tolleren managed to start an incredible run winning $290 000. Then the players decided to have small break. From that point Blom was doomed. Quite soon daily profit of Tolleren reached $500 000……

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Great Wins in Poker Tournaments


East Falmouth man wins $10m in ‘poker’ game – Boston Globe

Boston GlobeEast Falmouth man wins $10m in ‘poker’ gameBoston GlobeBy Travis Andersen. | Globe Staff. April 07, 2013. Article · Comments · Subscribe. Eugene Condon Jr. ARAM BOGHOSIAN FOR THE GLOBE. Eugene Condon Jr. celebrated winning $ …



Ray Dehkharghani Wins Card Player Poker Tour Wynn Classic Championship … –

CardPlayer.comRay Dehkharghani Wins Card Player Poker Tour Wynn Classic Championship …CardPlayer.comRay Dehkharghani The title of Card Player Poker Tour Wynn Classic main event 2013 champion belongs to Ray Dehkharghani. The high-stakes cash-game pl …




5 tips on how to win poker tournaments

Ben Carpenter (MYBIGGUNS) is number 1 on top tournament results list at PartyPoker in 2010 and here he gives you his 5 tips on how to win poker tournaments.

To Be Or Not To Be? Now For Casino…

People in Kitchener and Waterloo will certainly now reach have their say on a potential gambling establishment in either of their cities.
Councillors in both cities chosen Monday night for opening public conversation on the problem, a necessary activity before the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. would think of either city as a potential host city.
The options adhered to efforts by the Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce to acquire councillors to consider the principle of public analysis.
However in Kitchener, stress were higher in between councillors and Chamber of Commerce president Ian McLean.
Some councillors suggested the Chamber had intentions besides just allowing for public appointment and has to have actually concerned Monday evening’s council seminar with additional naked truths in hand.
“I do not understand why they preferred to attempt and have a cope the Chamber of Commerce,” McLean educated CTV.
“All we’re speaking concerning is public talk and fact-based decision-making.”.
Waterloo councillors additionally enacted help of public evaluation, which will be done by means of phone, mail and Internet comments….

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Casino Canada

Woodbine Casino Workers Prepared To Strike 

Standardbred CanadaWoodbine Casino Workers Prepared To StrikeStandardbred CanadaIt has been announced that workers within the casino area of Woodbine Racetrack have voted in support of strike action. The news comes courtesy of a release by the Public …


Helping or harming? Ontario gambling expansion and First Nations

The reality is that when it comes to First Nations and Aboriginals in Canada, gambling giveth and gambling taketh away. OLG says Ontario’s First Nations will share in their expansion’s profits, but statistics suggest First Nations

Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Canada

Fallsview Casino Resort, Niagara Falls, Canada. Vic Stefanu,

All Slots Casino Canada

best usa online casinos for us players

Need Luck For Chinese Soccer.

President hopes to increase soccer, and extra job should be done

A couple of days back, newly-elected Chinese President Xi Jinping desired Brazil excellent luck for the 2014 FIFA World Cup while being interviewed by a group of foreign reporters, and his love of the recreation reminded Chinese followers of 2009, when he examined out Germany and revealed his wish to lift China’s football.

Many thanks to the attention of the leader, the country has been excitedly putting up around to see if the leisure may see a fast turn-around.

Nevertheless, the truth is that the China men’s soccer group has really bent to 109 in the FIFA placements, the most affordable in its history, and it likewise needs to operate included hard just to gain a ticket to the 2015 Asian Cup finals.

Educated by Spaniard Jose Antonio Camacho, the group required second-half replacement Yu Dabao to strike in stoppage time to defeat 10-man Iraq 1-0 at estate in a Group C Asian Cup qualifier on Friday evening.

Iraq was to 10 guys after protector Ali Adnan Kadhim was sent out momentarily bookable violation just prior to halftime, and China fell short to develop significant opportunities till the target revealed up in a poor competitors, which was experienced by Cai Zhenhua, substitute manager of China’s State General Administration of Sport, and CFA company Zhang Jian in a close to sold-out stadium.

China, which dropped its opening qualifier to Saudi Arabia (2-1) last month, and Iraq both have 3 elements after 2 rounds of play in Group C……

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Soccer and Luck

Soccer-Missing luck and X-factor leaves Spain fearing play-offs

Getty ImagesSoccer-Missing luck and X-factor leaves Spain fearing play-offsYahoo! SportsMADRID, March 23 (Reuters) – Spain’s trip to play group leaders France on Tuesday assumed even greater significance after a shock 1-1 home draw with Finland left …


Miracles Never Cease! Shanahan Got One Right!

Miracles Never Cease! Shanahan Got One Right! (blog)Somehow, some way Shanahan made the right decision by not giving any supplemental discipline to Robak, as this was more about bad luck for Sestito than a cheap shot by Robak. Unlike th …

Good Luck Women’s Soccer!

Go Heels!

Soccer bad luck

bad luck on soccer shoots.


$100 Million Year Income.

A gambling enterprise in Toronto might be a longshot opportunity given that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has described the city won’t acquire a sweeter deal compared with gambling business in other components of the district.
3 Toronto councillors took care of the issue on CBC Radio’s Metro Morning on Thursday. All said it shows up that Wynne’s edict suggests all wagers are off when it entails gaining their support for providing a Las Vegas design gaming venture to Canada’s largest city.
Some council individuals like the city to see a share of annual income in the $100-million option, which is unexpected under the existing backing formula.
In addition to the district reluctant to sweeten the flowerpot for Toronto, some council members claim they are now leaning to voting versus the casino site approach.
Is province’s reigning a deal buster?
Councillors Josh Colle, Karen Stintz and Ana Bailao all mentioned Thursday that Wynne’s edict may be a deal-breaker…..



$100 Million Income

BANKIA SA : Bankia attracts 100 million euros in three days through the ..

Bankia attracts 100 million euros in three days through the …4-traders (press release)The minimum investment is 100 euros. This is the eighth income fund to be launched by the Bank in recent months. In this range of guaranteed income fu …


5 Prang Movie Cerebration Party for 100 Million Baht Income.

5 Prang Movie Cerebration Party for 100 Million Baht Income @ Narcissus on 16-Sep-09.


Good day everybody!

A bit hard today, but yesterday was full and long day! Started at 6:00am and finished at 4:30am – 22,5 hours! Great! Like it was in my childhood when we could stay on track without sleeping 3 or 4 days (ok, were couple of hours rest). One more detail – today started for me at 8:00am – just 3,5 hours of sleep! Then running through shower to walk with dog, glass of vegetable juice and jump to kinder. They made Seder today for kids and for their parents. It was really worth to see. Good Seder, Danik was involved in it first time in his life, was bit scared and cried at the end. But overall it was very good morning.

Of course, it is a bit hard during the day, but I’ll go to sleep earlier and tomorrow schedule will be restored. The main idea for now – finalize this blog, spend a bit of time with little one and go to sleep. Unfortunately, don’t have any power for meditation or reading. It is very bad, because I didn’t do this just for couple of days. Something happening inside me! I feel this, but I can’t identify what it is! It is a fight between past and future. I am on the edge on my second chance, I know this. All signs show that I am on the right way – Alexa rating of my websites going up, Facebook advertising starts to bring clicks and likes, Bob Proctors affiliate program brings Opt ins….. Yes, all indicates that I am on the right way. All except ONE thing – Today situation on my bank account. Next week will be couple of payments water, electricity, car loan, Heating (1-st payment) and …. in 2 weeks final payment for Heating plus URGENTLY need to change widows – they start leaking. Where from? I can’t stand this questions from my wife! Look, I have enough will power to quite smoking in a moment (just stopped and that was all), stop drinking (it was real pleasure to drink 100 – 150 gram of vodke every Friday), start getting up at 6:00am EVERY day! So many changes in about 3 month. Don’t forget – I am writing EVERY day for 89 days in English! i share with you my life, my soul – never ever in my life I done something like this! It is time to create new habit from this, say good by for old ones and start new life. Time, time, time!

The main problem, for now, as I can understand, my MIND. I need to learn how to rule it. I want to entertain ONLY positive, good, prosper news. I don’t want to think about what will be tomorrow! Tomorrow will be Fantastic, Great, Nice, Beautiful! There are great words by Bob Proctor: “Don’t allow your today bank account rule your life!” If you can’t sleep because you don’t have money to pay mortgage, call to the bank, talk to your manager and give him possibility of “no sleeping”. Let it now cares bank, not you. My MIND creaks like ungreased door when I am trying to perform these changes inside. But I’ll do this! No doubts!

When you looking for the answer, when you ask for help – it will be immediate at your response. You need only to open your eyes and be prepared to receive it. I had hard argument with my wife during the day. I understand that I am far and far not an angel! I made huge amount of mistakes. Some mistakes I remember, some of them I tried to fix, but…. If I would start now to fix all mistakes, to go through all wrong things in my life – it will not be a second to think about future, to perform any work in order to achieve the better life. After this conversation I was in really BAD mood – you know such feelings (you are the worst person, you can’t do this, you don’t understand that…). I went upstairs and tried to stick myself to computer – write this blog. Couldn’t do this. Start to check emails, read articles and… One article from Transformation Contest about….. Second chance in life! Sometimes you need to overcome firing, being outside your own track, experience difficulties without hope in order to start Second Chapter in your life. And the Second Chapter is really Fantastic and Successful (Steve Jobs second appearance to Apple). I am not Steve Jobs but I am ready to stap on my first footstep toward Lucky Rich Life, full of Prosperity and Calmness.

One more day and my first commitment would be done. I didn’t think that I would be able to do this, but we are here. No one trust that I will earn $3 000 000 in 2013 (sometimes even I have doubts, but every day less and less). Why not? I have my Investment in Profit project, I have many ideas how to help people earn more money, how to create more and more successful businesses. I need money to spread my knowledge all around the world. I need money to reach as many people and businesses that I can! I need money to provide my family with all necessary for happy life things -houses, cars, schools, holidays, travelling, shops, clothing…. you can proceed this list further and further. I want all this NOW and IMMEDIATELY and I’ll receive this! This picture of Lucky Rich Life is in my head, may be for now not 100% clear, some nuances are missing, but overall situation is very clear!

Open my company which provide $3 000 000 in 2013, close credit crds, close mortgage, change 2 cars, fly to USA/Israel in September and go to Gold Coast on New Year 2013-2014!!! This is my short term goals! And they will be fulfilled! I am sure, 1000% sure!

Thank you for your help, support and kindness!

Sincerely yours,


P.S. Tomorrow the last day of my commitment to Empower Network. I paid for my study about $300 till now and I think I’ll pay one more month. Just to imagine how Big Idea Mastermind will work. Vic is a good magnet, good speaker and motivator. He earned good money on his skills. I wish him Luck and Prosperity. For me I leave one more month in Empower Network.


Our Second Chance – Luck Of Your Life

Does Life Offer Us Second Chances

Where would I be without second chances? Where would most of us be without second chances in life? Most of us are only where we are because we got second chances. People who experience serious accidents and


On the Road A second chance at life

You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe. On the Road A second chance at life. brightenspring326 videos. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 64. 23 views. Like 1 Dislike 0. Like. Sign in to youtube. Sign in with your youtu…

Second Chance at a New Life

The San Antonio Humane Society currently has their Rehabilitation Wing full with pets in need of some form of medical attention, and we are pleased to say th…

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