Good day, my dearest supporters!

Yes, you are not followers, good friends, best mates – you are my main supporters. Because without your support I couldn’t stand here for 60 DAYS! This figure shocked me when I opened this page with a new post. 60 days, every day. In the morning, during the day, in the evening, sometimes at night – when there is only one wish – send ALL to the hell and go to sleep. BUT NO – I should write my Diary, should follow my own commitment. Not only because I made this commitment or somebody will put me “lower mark” for not following this, the main reason is YOU. YOU, my dear supporter and follower, my friend who I didn’t see in my life and may be never will meet! You, who check this blog sometimes and think: “Ok, 20 days, 30, 50 days – when he’ll stop? When I can say once more – you see, this is another one who through all out and went to do something else. This is all nonsense – your commitments, life changing experiments and things like that”. I am still here! And I’ll be here much longer than you’ll check this blog! I show you that if MAN want something he will achieve this! Man told, man done!

You can’t even imagine how hard sometimes to stay on course. How many times even during this 60 days I wanted to throw out all these blogs, say to myself enough, all this is nonsense back to your “normal” life. The problem is that I don’t want “normal” life. Life from salary to salary, life which depends on somebody’s else decision, the life where you don’t have right to choose. STOP! Time to make a decision!

Terror Barrier – awful thing! Do you think my mind (previous “normal” life – my paradigm) don’t stop me, don’t fear me every moment?!!! You don’t know HOW! You are the luckiest man if you don’t experience these anxiety attacks! These attacks can crush everyone! What are you doing? Think about your family! Think about your little son! You are sitting and writing  – what will they eat tomorrow?! How will you pay your mortgage? Who are you? Sit and do not rock the boat or it will be MUCH worse!

Did you go through this every day? 10 times per day, 20 times per day? It is scary! It is really SCARY! Faith against Experience! Who is stronger? Faith is Faith – you want it, you can trust and desire this. But it will be….. in the next moment! You don’t have even ONE LOGICAL argument to explain WHY it should be! In every dispute, you’ll be the looser – no arguments, no winning. This is our “normal” life!

On the contrary – experience is logic, experience is EXISTING things, experience is history! He/she was there and this is the result! He done this step and achieved or failed. You can “prove” based on experience whatever you want! Except one thing – HAPPINESS!  This thing you can’t explain based on logic. You can only believe in this and….. achieve if you have faith and believe! Throw out Logic and be HAPPY! Do you remember this: “DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!” This is ABSOLUTE truth! Follow your feelings and desires, be persistent, don’t listen anybody except your heart and…. you’ll be there, in PARADISE, if you’ll be strong enough to make THIS POSTS EVERY DAY! Not for yourself, for somebody else, who, maybe, will follow you in future. And as a result become another Albert Einstein or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! Nobody knows but it was YOU who inspired him (just by everyday blogging).

It is time to move forward. Another small observation. When these anxiety attacks the most fearful – sit down and write the blog. All your doubts and fears put here (as we could say 20-30 years ago – put them on the paper). Trust me – you’ll feel better. I know it from my own experience.

Faith Against Experience! Don’t forget: Experience is your PAST and Faith is your FUTURE! If you are not so exited about your past, it is wise to think about your future. Try something new, it will not be worth! But there is a HIGH probability that it will be better! It is always better to DO and regret, than NOT to DO and regret.

As you can understand – see you tomorrow!

Sincerely your,


P.S. I really feel better now. And you should check my blog HERE –