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Jonathan Taylor Won WSOP Event 14

Jonathan Taylor Won WSOP Event 14

World Series of Poker 2013 joins full speeds. Last night Jonathan Taylor succeeded Event 14 taking house $454 000. 1819 players participated in the event creating generous reward pool of $2,4 m. The competition lasted for 3 days yet it was Taylor that made his largest job score. It ought to be pointed out that Jonathan in the near past functioned as an accounting professional and casino poker was just his pastime.

31-year-old Alabama resident made 454 grands. Taylor informed that his affordable spirit aided him to succeed, “I truly like competitors but in the really starting my affordable spirit merely hurt me. I desired to win each and every single pot. However I managed to transform it in to positive channels”.

It ought to be mentioned that…..

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WSOP Final Events

World Series of Poker: Odds favor American winner, no women at

The WSOP odds at Bovada offer a price of +700 on a female making it to the final table of 2013 WSOP main event. No female has made it to the final table since Barbara Enright became the first and so far only woman to do it 


WSOP 2012 – Main Event Final Table Part 1 World Series of Poker 2012 (LIVE)

WSOP 2012 – Main Event Final Table Part 1 World Series of Poker 2012 (LIVE)

WSOP 2008 Main Event Final Table Last Hand

Best place to play: WSOP 2008 Main Event Final Table Last Hand.

Lucky Rich Life – Day 150. Mistakes.

Hi, my dear friends!

This is great that you are still here on my 150-th day of unstoppable blogging! It is hard to believe, I still can’t believe that it is ME! That that is ME writing more than FOUR month every day without ANY day break! Sometimes we can amase even ourselves!

Let’s talk today about…. our mistakes! Do you think that there are any people who don’t make mistakes? Of course, NO. Every one does mistakes – this is our practice, our experience.

I had a music teacher once that was fond of pointing out, “exercising means playing flawlessly.”.

Her point was that you will play like you engage in. So practice slowly sufficient that you play completely frequently. That will perform to your live efficiencies.

Despite this, I still made a lots of mistakes for many years. I made them in music, in a business and in life.

My “training” informed me errors were bad. Yet after I began to “get up,” I realized that a blunder is really the only place you discover something when you’re out on the planet.

Often I develop things that are clearly great tips in MY thoughts that accident and burn out in the untamed.

Every sometimes, I get it perfect and the world responds in a huge method.

I make mistakes with customers too. In truth, I’ve made very pricey customer blunders. The one I bear in mind most strongly had a rate tag of regarding $10,000+. I was new in the company and it scared me to fatality. (Note to self: You still lived.).

The only escape of an error is to plow right via it.

Accept who you are and what you’ve done also if you may not LIKE that you are or exactly what you’ve done. There is power because.

Have self-confidence and do the most effective you can in the minute. Anyone who anticipates additional from you compared to that will certainly necessary to handle those concerns by themselves.

Much more notably, your acceptance opens up the method onward. You apologize when you necessary to and believe nothing less of on your own for the knowing opportunity.

If you reduce back from every blunder you make, 2 years from now you’ll be a darkness of your genuine self. 2 years after that, you’ll be also much less.

This has to do with succeeding the world war (OK, it’s not a war) not the fight.

Mistakes are exactly how you come to be MORE tomorrow. You take the experience the blunder delivers and you include it to your wisdom. You become better as a result of it.

Do not generate embeded your film, simply enjoy it and see it wherefore it is … a film. Have some snacks and delight in the show … you’re the celebrity!



Caesars Entertainment Inc representatives informed that one of their customers named Rosemary became a millionaire. The woman hit jackpot playing Wheel of Fortune slot-machine. The lucky gaining happened on 12-th of April. Rosemary dipped into Flamingo Las Vegas Casino. The slot-machine paid greater than $1,1 m!
There is no shock that one of Caesars Entertainment casino sites paid off this reward. Casino sites of this firm paid additional compared to $2 billion considering that 1987. There are 707 different winners consisting of Rosemary who managed to strike 1m+ pots!
It should be noted that there were 2 significant wins during last 6 weeks at Flamingo Vegas. The lucky player called Gordon struck jackpot playing Wizard of Oz slot-machine. The prize was as high as $1 452 799. An additional gambler hit $1,7 m playing Wheel of Fortune in April.
Rosemary mored than the moon with her succeed. She informed that ……

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How to become millionaire?



North Jersey’s Kaminsky poised to be 1st-round pick – New York Post

New York PostNorth Jersey’s Kaminsky poised to be 1st-round pickNew York PostCome June’s Major League Baseball amateur draft, we’ll see just how good major league teams think Rob Kaminsky will become — and from the looks of it, Kaminsky will be a fir …


How to Become a Millionaire – Become a Millionaire with this Simple Trick!

How to Become a Millionaire


How To Become A Millionaire, 5 simple steps that will get your there, Anyone can do it.

How to become a millionaire


Good evening and Good Shabbat, my dear friends!

Friday evening – the most relaxing time of the week! Unfortunately, not for me at the moment, but it will not last long. Things are improving dramatically!

Since I stopped worried about small nuances and not important things – all become better. I started to create image of prosperity in my mind: how our house will look like in a couple of month – with new windows, with hydronic heating, new back yard with decking and landscape design. I imagine our lovely trip to USA and Israel in September. How great it will be when I open the door of Cordon Blue college and…   ask for Miss Anastasia Vereninova (or Collins, I don’t remember). I am truing to imagine her shock! And then my mother’s happiness when we’ll arrive to Israel. She will stay with Danik, go with him to the sea – beautiful surprise! Plus it will be Ilusha’s second visit to Israel in one year – just with couple of month break! It is so huge, exiting, happy!

Business running well and fast. I am the right track to 100 sign ups per day, my marketing clients waiting for my come back and managers dealing pretty well without me. All going beautiful, fantastic, exiting! Our relations inside the family very calm. We overcame all problems and enjoying each other. Don’t know what to wish more! Beautiful picture! And we just ordered our New Year holiday on Gold Coast (it will be my present-surprise to Bella)! When you imaging all this in your mind you become calm and relaxed. You can work more productive and achieve more and better results! That is what I want to share now – results and plans:


  • I am grateful for my wife and for my family
  • I am grateful for today beautiful day
  • I am grateful for my adorable son
  • I am grateful for all today achievements


  • Had very interesting meeting with potential client for my Donut Machine – Monday will sell it
  • Organised website Infinite Profit
  • Sen question to Bob Proctor
  • Day 7 of Success Puzzle
  • Made calls for potential employees of Portal MAZAL – one of them very promising

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Day 7 of Success Puzzle
  • Synagogue with all family
  • You Were Born Rich – reading
  • Saturday with the family

Have a good rest on Shabes,

Talk later,




Happiness! Joy! Love!


A journey: Happiness. Joy. Love.

Hiiiii ! So I’m finally back from the china trip that I was talking about in my last few post 🙂 and now its the midst of the march holidays yay. Anyways it was like a really really great trip. Met many many friends and spent a very

Mindful Parenting: Being Present for the Good Moments and the Tough Ones (blog)Mindful Parenting: Being Present for the Good Moments and the Tough (blog)I love being that audience. Most of the time. Far too often, though, I was focused on trying to wrangle my daughters into their paja …



Avenue H Featuring Holly – Love, Joy & Happiness (Joy Mix)

1993 – Bottom Line Records




Good evening my dear friends!

13 is my LUCKY number! Great, I mentioned it only now, at the end of the day. In total day was not really bad – started at 3am with Streaming Club webinar, which didn’t take place! Some technical difficulties didn’t allow Bob Proctor take part in his webinar and they decided to move it to another day. At the end it is great, because only now I formulated my question to Bob. Will send it tomorrow.

The funniest part of this technical joke is that in 3 hours he will be able to hold You Born Rich webinar. 3 hours make a difference! Between these webinars I had time for Portal MAZAL, Contest and emails. Than I have some meetings, a bit of work – sent one more Business Proposal – and we (I and my wife) went to Family council. And here I am proud of myself! I did many wrong things in my life, especially in relations with Bella, but my basic principles about how we can move towards each other were approved by professional psychologist. Small steps which not necessary connected to the matter of the problem will help us to find points of attraction! Cool! I am really proud!

The rest of the day went without anything unusual – I read You Were Born Rich with workbooks – very inspiration reading. One problem – I am so tiered that it is time to go to bed. Starting from 3am till 10pm – more than enough for 1 day!

Just share my gratitude and achievements:


  • I am grateful for my wife and for my family
  • I am grateful for today beautiful day
  • I am grateful for my adorable son


  • Deleted account on Empower Network
  • Ordered Infinite Profit Business Cards
  • Found Flexible – WordPress theme for my website
  • Day 6 of Success Puzzle
  • Created question to Bob Proctor

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Day 7 of Success Puzzle
  • Ad for my Money Back guarantee Business Offer
  • You Were Born Rich – reading
  • Friday evening with family (candles)

See you tomorrow with much better results!

Sincerely yours,


Goodbye Empower!


Goodbye Genachowski – CableFAX

CableFAXGoodbye GenachowskiCableFAX”Chairman Genachowski focused on empowering all consumers with the tools they need to improve their daily lives with a special focus and passion on broadband adoption by low income Americans. We wish him the best as …



goodbye empower



EMPOWER Fun | Its hard to say Goodbye

a small video from Me, Diwan, Mahmoud and Mike saying goodbye to you guys was so good lol.

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