The local. de educated its visitors that the regional guy struck substantial jackpot. 30+ year old German succeeded 46m. euros playing Jackpot Lottery. His label is still not known however reporters informed that he stays in West Germany. This was a record-breaking prize. The previous greatest ever gain was struck numerous years back. An additional fortunate casino player obtained wealthy succeeding 37,7 m. euros.
Jackpot Lottery is the well-known lotto conducted in dozens of European countries. The very first draw of this lottery was composed Spring 2012th. Ever since additional compared to 240 m. individuals joined the fun and improved their search on lotto hundreds. The resident of Germany ……..

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Hit The JackPot


MEGABUCKS $1 Slot Jackpot caught on video 360X PAY

Winning on the Megabucks slot machine as it happens on a $40 investment. Sweeeeeeet!………


Woman Hit 5 Jackpot 7s on Village People 1st Spin – 5c

a Woman Hit 5 Jackpot Symbols on the 1st Spin on “Village People” WMS slots – 5c in San Manuel Casino… CA






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