Good evening, ny dear followers.

Today will be very short post – we are all ill! It started from little one Danik couple of days ago, then yesterday Frank cached high temperature, vomiting, diarrhoea  and stomach aches. Today I received it for me. Old conditioning do not give up that easy! Today was the first day of my serious commitment on Success Puzzle and such a terrible situation. Life, old paradigm test me – will I overcome or not? And another thing – may be it time to calm down?

Will think about this tomorrow. Now short results of the day.


  • I am grateful for my talents and ability to work out problems
  • I am grateful to this hard health situation for possibility to rethink something


  • I made a commitment for Success Puzzle
  • Went through first day of Success Puzzle exercise
  • Great time in synagogue – my son Daniel sit with me more than 2 hours like an adult!


Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Second day of Success Puzzle commitment
  • Bit more rest – get up at 6:00am
  • Health improvement


That is all for today!

I wish you all the BEST HEALTH,


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