Good evening everybody!

First day of 4 days weekend is passed. Can’t say that it was lazy or tough day – something in the middle. Unfortunately, I have not fulfilled all tasks that I have for today. But let’s start from the beginning.

Day started at 4:00 with some toilet procedures and cup of coffee. Then I FINISHED Success Puzzle! That is all! From tomorrow I am starting my 90 days commitment – every morning I’ll study exercises from Success Puzzle. This is very exited thing! Then I made a post to Transformation contest and started to deal with my schedule. And this is become a problem.

I am very organised person – all things should be on there places, I should know what I am doing today, tomorrow, what we planning for the week, etc. But now I am a bit frustrated. I am trying to push ALL necessary work inside 7 days of the week and….. as I see looking for today it is really hard GOAL! It is even more interesting! I have 2 main business directions – Portal MAZAL and Infinite Profit (Marketing/Business/Branding/Strategy Consulting). Plus I have a huge amount of self improvement study from Bob Proctor. Plus I have family duties and passion to spend time with my little one Danik. Still have tailings from Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind. Plus Facebook, Twitter, Stream Club Promotion, my blogs. I am sure that I forget something. Yes, of course, Portal and Consulting include many things that I should deal with. I need to prepare all things for office opening at the 1-st of May, hire couple of managers, create content for Consulting website, structure for Portal. Need To Quite something .

My main focus on this step will be SCHEDULE! I’ll work out all details and nuances till the end of the next week. And now some Results, Gratitude and Achievements. Despite the fact that I do not have time to do everything planned, I have an achievements.


  • I am grateful for my talents and ability to work out problems
  • I am grateful for my brilliant health
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to start new life
  • I am grateful to Bob Proctor for Friday story


  • Finished Success Puzzle
  • Signed a contract for news content fot Portal MAZAL
  • Went twice for a walk with my son Daniel
  • Bought video materials related to WordPress
  • Easily won my tennis match today – 6:1, 6:1

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • First day of Success Puzzle commitment
  • Synagogue
  • Write Goals – all goals from small to big and range them accordingly. What is the first, second, etc.
  • Work with schedule (don’t want to rewrite “Write Goals” avery day, need to accomplish it)

It is always messy when you start something. It is the start of Second Part of my new life and not all things are established for now. No problem, 7-10 days and all will be FIXED! Concentration and will. Desire and faith. All these I have – new life is HERE!

Hello Saturday, you are Welcome!



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