Good evening everybody!

Today was really veeeeery looooong day! Started at 3:00am it still didn’t finished. My guess – I’ll see pillow infront of me between 10:00 and 11:00pm. Something about 20 hours. But I am happy, it was great day!

Two webinars at the morning – First one is Stream Club by Bob Proctor. Fantastic, unbelievable, life changing….. I can infinitely write these adjectives. I like him, he helps me, help me to change myself, find my place in life, he gives a very positive charge. Do you want to earn $44 000 per month? I think so. He gave a really simple blueprint and I am 100% sure that it will be my income in a month!

Second webinar was Max Simon webinar regarding your tribe. It was good product, but it was selling webinar. Couple of thoughts “jumped” into my head during this webinar and this is great (one of this thought I just testing – will see in couple of days). Webinars ended at 5:30am and I started with Success Puzzle. One problem – I didn’t finish it today (as I planned). The problem was simple – window guy who arrived at 10:00am spent with us about…. 3 hours! And we signed a contract for $23 500 – change ALL windows in our house! I planned this meeting maximum for an hour, but… Huge plus – I’ll not waste time for another 4-5 appointments. That’s all, we closed deal with windows. In 4 month we’ll have NEW Double Glazed PVC windows with 10 years Guarantee!

Ok, then was trio to family psychiatrist – nice woman, we talked about 1,5 hours, we’ll visit her in a week. Will it have results? I don’t know. 100% sure – it will not bad and may be will be helpful. In my situation I should use any possibility. This year will be fantastic – I’ll say Adieu to my financial problems and stabilise family situation. We’ll become happy, healthy, rich and joyful family!

Results of the Day


  • I am grateful for meeting with Bob Proctor
  • I am grateful for my ability to accomplish necessary work
  • I am grateful to my wife for our beautiful son Daniel


  • Streaming Club at 3:00am
  • Nearly finished success Puzzle
  • Signed contract for Double Glazed Windows
  • Went through first family consulting session

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Morning tennis
  • Finish Success Puzzle
  • Write Goals – all goals from small to big and range them accordingly. What is the first, second, etc.
  • Start with meditation
  • Specification for website texts

I don’t want to make a commitment, but want to promise myself that I’ll accomplish all these tasks tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Good Friday in Australia and around the world.

Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates!

Peace and love!




Happy Easter!

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What a hectic start to the year it’s been. Can you believe it’s already nearly April?!



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