Good evening, good and VERY hot evening!

Yes, here in Melbourne Summer came back for couple of days. Beautiful weather! Really hard to think about heating – I am starting to put hydronic heating for the winter. Heat from inside and heat from outside. Just a bit of fun!

The most important thing is this: today was the first day of my new schedule! Get up at 4:00am and start working. For today it worked fantastic! About 3,5 hours of tough work, nobody disturb you, very productive time. Couldn’t demonstrate the same productivity during the day. It means that it is GOOD idea! The main reason I started this schedule is new commitment regarding Success Puzzle – need to study it and do exact exercises every day. It takes about an hour and morning time is the best for this.

Tomorrow it will be a bit more challenging, because I have 2 webinars. First one – Bob Proctor’s Streaming Club at 3:00am, Second one – Max Simon at 4:00am. And after these webinars I can start learning Success Puzzle, fill the Contest, start news for website and…. Very hard to schedule day. I HAVE TO put myself in borders, cut off ALL tails, concentrate only on 2 things – study and Portal MAZAL. Unfortunately, it is time to forget BIM and other stuff. I’ll try to send coule of emails, but…. Have a gut feeling that this is the waste of time.

HELP me with IDEAS: HOW TO SELL Donut Machine?!!! Really, it stacks in my garage and I need to sell it till the end of next week. Help me with ideas, please!

Unfortunately, not without bad news – Danik fell ill. Temperature about 38, vomiting, stomach pain. Stomach infection – he catch it very often. So pity when he is ill – better I’ll fell with 40 temperature, but… I am sure that tomorrow will be better and till weekend we’ll forget about this.

Now I’ll finalise my day:


  • I am grateful for the beautiful weather in Melbourne
  • I am grateful for support I receive from Contest members and via Facebook
  • I am grateful to MasterMinders colleagues for great call/meeting


  • Started “morning exercises” – 4:00am start of the day
  • Worked through half of Success Puzzle
  • Closed quote for hydronic heating
  • Sent requests for Double Glazing windows quotes
  • Change my LuckyRichLife a bit: main changing – added Wisdom tab with quotes

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Bob Proctor Streaming Club
  • New Webinar from Max Simon
  • Finish Success Puzzle
  • Write Goals – all goals from small to big and range them accordingly. What is the first, second, etc.
  • Start with meditation
  • Family consulting – psychologist


Bit surprised – tough day tomorrow! I’ll be very exited when I finish all of this!

See you tomorrow with short report and achievements,



The early bird catches the worm feeds



I have to get up early all this week to bring Krista to school, and it seems to be making me more productive. I got my vlog and an episode of The iPhone App …

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

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