Good evening, my dear friends!

Just arrived from tennis, read Winnie the Pooh to my son (he had a stomach ache and could not at once fall asleep), walked with dog, had a shower and started this post. Taking into consideration that we had a big argument at home yesterday (till 1:00am), I got up at 6:00am in not brilliant mood, went through whole day, played 1,5 hours tennis – you can imagine how much power I still have. But this is not so important. The most important thing that I am accelerating my way to prosperity. I want to crash my paradigms as fast as I can. Situation at home is very tension and it is necessary to solve my problems much faster.

How to do this and keep peace in family? I have an idea. Bit challenging for me, but, I think, the best for this situation. I’ll get up at 4:00am! It means I’ll have about 3,5 hours at the morning complete silence to do my job. 3,5 hour not bad pice of time, I can write my Transformation Contest, study Success Puzzle about an hour and still have time for news to Portal MAZAL. Then I’ll belong to the family, phone calls, meetings, webinars, etc. When Danik at kindergarden I have another 4-5 hours of peaceful working time. And couple of hours in the evening. Then we go to the shower (with Danik), reading book and I’ll go to sleep. I think it will be around 10:00pm. 6 hours sleep looks good. In this case I’ll have much more time to work alone (when my wife and family sleeping) and less time to arguing at the evening – I’ll be in the bed. Will see how it works. I need 90 days of every morning work with Success Puzzle and then it will be only 2 month till our USA/Israel trip.

Start from tomorrow morning. Now is 10 to 10, time to finalise and go to sleep.


  • I am grateful to everyone who support me – on the website, on Facebook, in Contest
  • I am grateful to nature that it presented us couple of days of beautiful summer weather
  • I am grateful to God that I am here on this wonderful Earth


  • Started deep learning of Success Puzzle – 1-st part out of 4
  • Stood on the level with Alexa ratings
  • Won 7:6 my tennis match with David


  • Second and Third part of Success Puzzle
  • Master Mind Call
  • Finalise heating quote

At the end I want to share with you one quote from Bob Proctor:

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

Marcus Aurelius
121-180 AD, Roman Emperor and Philosopher

See you tomorrow during the day,


P.S. My gut feelings tells me that the end is near. Meanwhile, check my progress HERE –


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