Good evening, my dear readers!

Second day of my new journey, Sunday after Shabbat. Today I played tennis. I played 4 hours, I played 5 sets, I played competitions first time in 28 years! I don’t remember exactly when, but I think that my last competitions was about grade 8 or 9. It means around 1984 – 1985. If my competitions would be next year I could say 30 years out of tournaments. Now it is about 28-29 years! But my story not about the years. My story is about Paradigms.

My fierst match started today at 11:30. My opponent was a good guy who knows how to play and doest it not bad. But I know that I should win this match. My level is higher that his, this is for sure. Ok, game started. 1-st set I lost 3:6. Good start! Remember, I knew that he is lower level than me. And 2-nd set showed this 100% – I won 6:0. What do you think was in my head? Nothing exceptional, everybody would have the same – ok, now all on there places, I’ll finish with this match in 15-20 minutes. Sometimes it happens – you started not so good, some other reasons – doesn’t matter, now all OK. And we started 3-d set. I am telling you this story because it shows my paradigm, that I can’t change for now. How my life went until now: I started something, at the beginning it was a bit hard, than it went beautiful, I relaxed and all falled down below zero! Only at this moment I started to fix and straighten it. In 95% of cases I succeed in my fixing efforts (will discuss the rest 5% may be in the following posts). But the main problem, the main pattern is – bring it all to absurdity and then start to fix! Awful paradigm! You know, in some cases you may not have resources or will to fix. Much better not to bring all things down to the earth. This is my paradigm and I thought that I overcame it. 3-d set showed me that I am only at the beginning of my way. Remember – I won 6:0 second one and found myself with 5:2 and 40:15 on my opponent serve in 3-d set! It means 2 match balls! After 6:0 in Second one! Great paradigm! I don’t know how and why, but I won this match – 7:5 in 3-d set. My opponent was shocked and I was proud of myself! Look, I won 5 straight games in 3-d set after 2 match balls.

Then was the second match. I was TOTALLY relaxed- what do you want after such a dramatik match. In this relaxed condition I won match 6:2, 6:3. It was a small concentration problem at the end, but I overcame it. I lead 5:0 in 2-d set and lost 3 games in a row! I was 1 game from winning and couldn’t coop myself for final balls. It took me FOUR games to finish the match. And this is another problem inside me – I need to learn how to finalize things. Don’t relax one second before – it will cost another couple of hours/days/weeks/years. So many things that I HAVE TO learn! I am on my way.


  • I am grateful to Dendy Park tennis club for this opportunity to play competition
  • I am grateful my wife and son for there support


  • I won very hard tennis match, my first match in competitions – 3:6, 6:0, 7:5
  • I made I come back from 2:5 and 15:40 in the 3-d set
  • I finished my morning schedule in time


  • First day with new schedule, I am excited to start and check how it works
  • Waiting for new quote regarding hydronic heating
  • 1-st Day of Passover (Peisah) , 1-st Seder

See you tomorrow with the report about new schedule, but before Seder.



P.S. Check, check – I am still HERE –


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