Good day, my dear followers and Happy Passover!

Hag Peisah Sameah – Happy Passover!

Today is the first day of Passover, first Seder. In couple of hours we will sit around the table and celebrate Exodus. We are on our way to freedom!

How symbolic is this! I am as a part ofJewish people start my Exodus from poverty. First timid steps towards beautiful goal. It took Moses 40 years to change the mentality of the whole Jewish nation. It will take couple of month for me to change my Paradigms! Let’s start and WIN!


  • I am grateful to my wife for her support and care
  • I am grateful for my mother for all that she’ve done for me
  • I am grateful to myself and schedule that I’ve done 2 days ago for understanding what I need to do


  • Started my life inside prepared schedule – understood what I should change
  • Change priorities and put 2 main goals – Portal MAZAL and Bob Proctor trainings
  • Started meditation again


  • Finalise with Success Puzzle
  • Vic’s webinar regarding BIM

Once again:

Hag Peisah Sameah!

Happy Passover!

I wish health and prosperity to all of you!

Kind regards,



Happy Passover



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Happy Passover!

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