Good evening everybody!

Today is the last day of my old format – post about nothing. Tomorrow is Monday, next week and as I promised it will be something new. Not 100% sure yet, but I have an idea what it may be. I guarantee – tomorrow you’ll see and read this.

As a closing day of “old life” – nothing interesting. Very relaxing Sunday, started from Success Puzzle and tennis. Today I played really well – my serving was very good. First time in 6 month (since I’ve started to play) my serving was look like it should be! So happy! It means that something moved – from deep deep levels of my body/sole – it came to the surface. Start creating!

Then I spent couple of hours with computer – Facebook, Portal MAZAL, some posts around and the rest of the day with family. Went for a walk with Danik, then went shopping, sat on back yard watched cartoons. Calm and nice family evening. It gives power to start new week from tomorrow.

Not much results, but… Nearly forgot: I finished my transformation contest! I thought that today was my last, 90-th day, but they sent me an email yesterday, that all finished. In spite of this I made today last post and tomorrow will fullfil final report and will wait for my FIRST prise! I am a WINNER!


I am grateful for this calm and nice Sunday

I am grateful for my family

I am grateful for my strengthens – ability to go up to the end, overcome all barriers, difficulties, problems and doubts.


Success Puzzle

Very good serving (today tennis match)

Stayed in schedule – balance between rest and work


Sharp schedule – MAZAL, Lucky Rich Life, Infinite Profit, Streaming Club, Bob Proctor videos

Danik’s kindergarden

New format for Lucky Rich Life post

See you tomorrow in new status with new format!



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