Good night my dear followers!

Today it is really night post – just not to break sequence. It is a pity – just 112 days! One day missing and … I don’t want even think about this!

Today was the day of total rest! You wouldn’t believe (it doesn’t really matter) but I still didn’t check my emails! I have 131 emails for now! Just finished my daily post in transformation contest – 14 hours later than usual! Something changing. Process is going. Mind is changing! But I want a real CRASH! Real crash of my old paradigms. All these thoughts and habits which hold me in the past. I can feel the fresh breeze of the new life, intoxicating smell of Lucky Rich Life full of prosperity and happiness! One more step, one more effort and I am there! It like pushing the huge stone from the hill. It took an enormous efforts just to budge it, make a first push and it will move faster and faster downhill! I am in millimeters of first move. Deep breath on weekend and next week will go downhill! To prosperity and happiness.

Let’s put some results of the day:


I am grateful for y family and people surrounding me

I am grateful for my ability to go to the end, don’t quite in the middle


Beautiful day with family

Time is synagogue

Whole day rest!


Another rest day

Tennis in the morning

Success Puzzle

News, Streaming Club – short time for work

I’ll be with you tomorrow, during the day,








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