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That is all – we are here, Part 2 of my writing exercise. New Header, new style, new goals. Diary of My New Life was my commitment of writing every day during MINIMUM 90 days. That is all – just commitment to write without ANY break. I’ve done this, I proved myself that I can do this.

Now there is the next step, next level. Time to add a bit more sense to the writing commitment. I still want to see figure 365 at the end of Lucky Rich Life (it will mean that I am writing the whole year every day), but I also want to insert more information and results here. Posts may be ver short, but really informative. If I have something important to share with you I’ll write a proper text. But if it will be an ordinary day without huge achievements or great changes I’ll post here only 3 things:

  1. Gratitude – Who, What and Where I am grateful for
  2. Achievements – up to 5 things I achieved during the day (it may be very small things, but with reason to proud myself)
  3. What I am excited to do next day

Ok, start from today. I want be honest with you – yesterday I wrote that I started this from Thursday and…. forgot to do this yesterday. It means, that if I am not start to do it here I will not do it at all. Ready! Steady! GO!!!


  • I grateful to Bob Proctor for all his seminars, lectures, audios
  • I grateful to my wife that she is still tolerate me


  • Alexa rating of my websites slowly going up. In addition US rating appeared on
  • I made a schedule for the next week – hour by hour. This is my first attempt to organise my life in hours
  • I spent couple of hours in synagogue. Had time to think about my situation, asked God about my life.
  • In synagogue I read one of the prays.


  • Tennis competitions. Min goal – win 2 matches.
  • Weekly coaching emails, preparation to Master Mind call

Great! Beginning has been made. Wish me good luck and…

See you tomorrow at the evening with new portion of results.



P.S. You still may find me HERE – and donate me your attention, sign ups and comments.


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Lucky Game Winning Goal

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