Good evening, my dear followers!

I am really thinking about different format of our dialogue. As I can see this format is just no so exited as it was during Empower Network time. Just to state, to fix every day movements, steps to meet 500 – 600 signs it is good for the first commitment, for the start of a big journey.

I have thoughts just to stop this type of blogging and post only sometimes. One thing that stop me from this is 107 days of blogging! As I told at the beginning of the Part 2, I want to see Lucky Rich Life DAY 365! Just for the sake of figure! But in this case I need to change something. May you, my dear readers, have any ideas, suggestions? Just give a kind of direction.

My thoughts are following – Diary is not so interesting (I am not Richard Branson or Madonna), I don’t have huge deals every day, my commitments, achievements and gratitude with tomorrow schedule not so exited topics for you. What can I do? Huge question!

I’ll try to write something about marketing and branding, or find some exiting information. It may be not my exclusive, but it will be interesting for reading. Just interesting facts and stories about all different things. The main idea is to start with something – the rest will work out!

This is the idea for now. Until I didn’t start with it – results of the day:


  • I am so grateful for today busy and productive day
  • I am so grateful for all that I was able to maintain


  • Website for $88,88
  • Finished with basic information for Infinite Profit
  • 25% Increase in Profit – Money Back Guarantee
  • Forum on Investment in Profit
  • Success Puzzle


  • Streaming Club
  • Success Puzzle
  • You We Born Rich
  • FAQ section for Investment in Profit

See you tomorrow, may be with new decisions,



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