Good evening my dear friends!

It will be really short post – just not to miss a day. It was great relaxed Saturday – I didn’t do much, just spent time with my lovely family.

I am thinking about Napoleon Hill’s phrase – you can’t become rich working 24/7 and more! The more you work the less you receive. Need to change a mind, not increase hours of work. My productiveness wend down, I think, since I increased my working day till 14-16 hours. Time to calm down and think.

I need new schedule, new approach to what I am doing. More time to think before start something.

I am out for thinking.


I am grateful for all that I have – my family, house, children, knowledge.


It was good to talk with God at the morning in synagogue.


Another day of rest. Tennis at the morning, talk to my son in Canada after, enjoy family at the rest of the day.

Wish you a good rest,


Rest and Think


Life After All : When I need to rest and think

When I need to rest and think, I pick up Mary Oliver’s poems. I love her anthropomorphic visions of nature, how she puts human feelings into the sights and sounds of birds, grasses, trees and the tiny details of wildlife.


Pieces of Fancy: Get Some Rest and Think

Fancy talks about the importance of getting your proper rest and sleep and thinking positively.


rest and think…ausruhen und nachdenken

rest and think ausruhen und nachdenken.




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