Good evening and Good Shabbat, my dear friends!

Friday evening – the most relaxing time of the week! Unfortunately, not for me at the moment, but it will not last long. Things are improving dramatically!

Since I stopped worried about small nuances and not important things – all become better. I started to create image of prosperity in my mind: how our house will look like in a couple of month – with new windows, with hydronic heating, new back yard with decking and landscape design. I imagine our lovely trip to USA and Israel in September. How great it will be when I open the door of Cordon Blue college and…   ask for Miss Anastasia Vereninova (or Collins, I don’t remember). I am truing to imagine her shock! And then my mother’s happiness when we’ll arrive to Israel. She will stay with Danik, go with him to the sea – beautiful surprise! Plus it will be Ilusha’s second visit to Israel in one year – just with couple of month break! It is so huge, exiting, happy!

Business running well and fast. I am the right track to 100 sign ups per day, my marketing clients waiting for my come back and managers dealing pretty well without me. All going beautiful, fantastic, exiting! Our relations inside the family very calm. We overcame all problems and enjoying each other. Don’t know what to wish more! Beautiful picture! And we just ordered our New Year holiday on Gold Coast (it will be my present-surprise to Bella)! When you imaging all this in your mind you become calm and relaxed. You can work more productive and achieve more and better results! That is what I want to share now – results and plans:


  • I am grateful for my wife and for my family
  • I am grateful for today beautiful day
  • I am grateful for my adorable son
  • I am grateful for all today achievements


  • Had very interesting meeting with potential client for my Donut Machine – Monday will sell it
  • Organised website Infinite Profit
  • Sen question to Bob Proctor
  • Day 7 of Success Puzzle
  • Made calls for potential employees of Portal MAZAL – one of them very promising

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Day 7 of Success Puzzle
  • Synagogue with all family
  • You Were Born Rich – reading
  • Saturday with the family

Have a good rest on Shabes,

Talk later,




Happiness! Joy! Love!


A journey: Happiness. Joy. Love.

Hiiiii ! So I’m finally back from the china trip that I was talking about in my last few post 🙂 and now its the midst of the march holidays yay. Anyways it was like a really really great trip. Met many many friends and spent a very

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Avenue H Featuring Holly – Love, Joy & Happiness (Joy Mix)

1993 – Bottom Line Records




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