Good evening my dear friends!

13 is my LUCKY number! Great, I mentioned it only now, at the end of the day. In total day was not really bad – started at 3am with Streaming Club webinar, which didn’t take place! Some technical difficulties didn’t allow Bob Proctor take part in his webinar and they decided to move it to another day. At the end it is great, because only now I formulated my question to Bob. Will send it tomorrow.

The funniest part of this technical joke is that in 3 hours he will be able to hold You Born Rich webinar. 3 hours make a difference! Between these webinars I had time for Portal MAZAL, Contest and emails. Than I have some meetings, a bit of work – sent one more Business Proposal – and we (I and my wife) went to Family council. And here I am proud of myself! I did many wrong things in my life, especially in relations with Bella, but my basic principles about how we can move towards each other were approved by professional psychologist. Small steps which not necessary connected to the matter of the problem will help us to find points of attraction! Cool! I am really proud!

The rest of the day went without anything unusual – I read You Were Born Rich with workbooks – very inspiration reading. One problem – I am so tiered that it is time to go to bed. Starting from 3am till 10pm – more than enough for 1 day!

Just share my gratitude and achievements:


  • I am grateful for my wife and for my family
  • I am grateful for today beautiful day
  • I am grateful for my adorable son


  • Deleted account on Empower Network
  • Ordered Infinite Profit Business Cards
  • Found Flexible – WordPress theme for my website
  • Day 6 of Success Puzzle
  • Created question to Bob Proctor

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Day 7 of Success Puzzle
  • Ad for my Money Back guarantee Business Offer
  • You Were Born Rich – reading
  • Friday evening with family (candles)

See you tomorrow with much better results!

Sincerely yours,


Goodbye Empower!


Goodbye Genachowski – CableFAX

CableFAXGoodbye GenachowskiCableFAX”Chairman Genachowski focused on empowering all consumers with the tools they need to improve their daily lives with a special focus and passion on broadband adoption by low income Americans. We wish him the best as …



goodbye empower



EMPOWER Fun | Its hard to say Goodbye

a small video from Me, Diwan, Mahmoud and Mike saying goodbye to you guys was so good lol.

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