Evening, my dear friends!

I am not saying Good on purpose. This evening really not so good – friend of mine called me today during the day and told that his dog died. Really, when you face up the death you don’t know what to say, what to think or what to do. This is our destination point and when sometimes God point it to us…. You start to understand or rethink some your activities, thoughts, feelings. Dog’s name was Sam. He was nearly 14 years old – fairly old dog with bunch of sickness that everybody may have in this age (14 dog’s years is about 80 man years). But death… I am speechless. My dog is also nearly 14 years old (will be 14 in June 2013) – I can’t imagine what and even how it may be! We are doing something, struggling, arguing, aspiring and suddenly… In this moment you understand that it can’t be: I’ll work a bit more now and will have rest tomorrow; one more business meeting and I’ll go for a walk with my son at the end of the week; I am too busy now to call parents, do it on the weekend! REMEMBER! It may not be tomorrow, end of the week or weekend! You can’t “LIVE TOMORROW”. Nothing more important that YOU and YOUR FAMILY, parents,  wife, children, friends. All the rest is the rest! Enjoy life, enjoy it every second! Don’t think about tomorrow problems – tomorrow will be tomorrow (or not will be). Live today and now! Because if you worrying today about tomorrow it means only one thing: you don’t enjoy today’s life because of hypothetical tomorrow problems. But problems may disappear, move from tomorrow or whatever. Your worries were worthless, but day YOU LOST! Don’t loose MINUTES! Live every second!

My condolences to my friend! Sam was a great dog. May he rest in peace!

Want, don’t want, but it is time to overlook results of the day and put some milestones for tomorrow:


  • I am grateful for my wife and for my family
  • I am grateful for another day
  • I am grateful for Universe support


  • Marketing campaign with money back guarantee – this is my know how!
  • Made 2 Business Offer with Money Back guarantee
  • Hosted my website for Infinite Profit
  • Day 5 of Success Puzzle
  • Inspired on todays Master Mind call

Excitement for Tomorrow

  • Day 6 of Success Puzzle
  • Ad for my Money Back guarantee Business Offer
  • Streaming Club with Bob Proctor at 3am
  • Next lesson with Bob Proctor

It will be tough day tomorrow, not many things I’ll able to do, but still I am on good speed.

Be healthy and happy!



Love Life!


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