Tight-Man1 Won $500K Playing NL Hold’em during One Day

Tight-Man1 Won 500K Playing NL Hold’em during One Day

All eyes are on Las Vegas where World Series of Poker takes place. However it doesn’t mean that people don’t play poker in other parts of the world or online. Moreover online high stakes are as hot as always. For instance, Tight-Man1 managed to win $559K during one single day! He was spotted at $400/$800 NL Hold’em ring tables.

Tight-Man1 earned $730 000 playing two tables at the same time for 6 hours in a row. However his final result decreased due to loss of $270K. The player was able to come back winning another 100 grands during the evening session.

Many high rollers suffered from Tight-Man1. But it was WCGRider who was hurt most. He lost all three biggest pots including one consisting of $311K. It should be mentioned that Tight-Man1 got lucky all the time……

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Woooooooooooo ….. 5 <— lucky to get 5 river: 6 <– Omg! That sucked. —————————————- One of the luckies poker players on virdian 😉 


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