Fresh New Leads = Fresh New Money

This is how it works in any business.

If you sell information products online.

If you are a Clickbank, Amazon, or any other type of affiliate.

If you promote via a Facebook Fan page or other social media.

If you have a niche blog or e-mail list.

If you provide services to online or offline clients.

You can’t have new customers if you don’t have new leads.


Social Lead Freak is a Desktop Based software developed on Adobe Air, PC, MAC Compatible

You may have heard of Facebook Graph Search… If you haven’t, it’s okay.

Facebook’s Graph Search means that Facebook has finally made its search data (member IDs, post content, page content, group members, fans of pages, etc.) live to the public.

But you need a tool to effectively harness this information and pull out the bits that are relevant to you, whatever they may be.

With Social Lead Freak, you can:

Search Groups

  • Pull up hundreds of relevant groups in an instant
  • See all group members
  • Extract Member IDs directly to your computer

Search Events

Find people who’ve RSVP’d to attend an event in whatever niche you want.Remember, people who are attending an event tend to be very passionate. These are the leads you want. And, again, you can extract all Member IDs onto your computer in about half a second. You’d have to pay $10+ for leads of this quality, and will have a much harder time making a connection with them because you paid for them.

Search Pages

Now Extract Member ID’s of Actively Engaged Users!! Pull up all Facebook pages for the keyword(s) you want. Ability to filter by how many likes the page has. This is a great way to target Facebook fan pages that don’t have many likes and offer them your like-boosting services.

Search Posts

This is a big one. Search all posts on Facebook to find people who are in immediate need of you and what you sell. One simple search can instantly yield you hundreds to thousands of people who have just posted on Facebook saying they need help. Because the fact of the matter is that all day long, your potential clients are saying, writing, and sharing things like:

“I need a new website design.”

“I need to figure out what this SEO stuff is all about.”

Don’t those phrases just sound like hundred dollar bills sweeping against each other…being counted and handed over to you? They are.

You just need the tools to find these posts, these people, extract their vital information, and the method to closing them that lies right beyond this screen.

Why Facebook Member IDs Are Liquid Gold?

“Give the people what they want!”

When you see someone who explicitly asked for something, or who is a member of a group, or who attended an event… you are certain that they are currently active in your market.

You can use the Facebook Member IDs that Social Lead Freak delivers to you by uploading them into your Facebook Ads Power Editor. Your ads will then only target those members.

Because of this unparalleled level of targeting, you can finally lay any fears you may have had about Facebook advertising to rest.

Targeting only the Member IDs Social Lead Freak generates is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to reach $0.01 clicks, bar none.

So if you’ve ever wanted to advertise on Facebook, or if you want to pay less for your Facebook ads, now is the time with Social Lead Freak.

You’ll be able to directly target your ad campaigns in a way previously unheard of… Penny clicks will never be easier than this.


You can grab you copy HERE – Social Lead Freak

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