Today, Wednesday 8 May 2013, is Jerusalem Day. I want to share with you on this day one parable. Rabbi from my synagogue told this story during Saturday service.


Place where Jerusalem was born.


Many many years ago father divided his fields between 2 sons. One of them had a big family and other one was alone. Brothers lived good, worked hard and enjoyed life.

Once upon a time singly brother wake up in the middle of the night and thought: “I am alone, I don’t need much, but my brother has a big family and I want to help him and I’ll give him a part of my harvest – 10 bags of grain”. He got up in the middle of the night and moved 10 bags to brothers barn.

At the same night another brother got up and night and thought: “I have a big family, we are happy together, I am not alone, but my brother is single, he is alone and don’t have any joy. I want to pass him some joy and present him 10 bags of grain”. Thought and done!

In the morning brothers were hugely surprised – every one had there 10 bags back! How come?

Ok. Next night they done the same, night after and further on. Until one night they met each other with there bags! They were shocked, surprised, happy and hugged each other!

God saw this from the sky and decided: “This is a Holy land if such generous and selfless people live here! I want to build Holy city here – Jerusalem!”


From that days there is Holy City of Jerusalem on the Earth!


Let’s give, not take!


Let’s help each other!


Let’s be kind to each other!


And God will see and bless us!

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