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It is really BEAUTIFUL, FANTASTIC day – 90-th day of my commitment writing! Who can imagine 3 month ago that I can stay on track and write every day, in English, about different things! Force myself to do it EVERY day, morning, during the day, evenings, even nights! Sometimes it was easy – plenty amount of information, good mood, enough time. Sometimes it was hard – tired, nothing to share with you, bad mood. Couple of times it was really awful – at night, after a long day, when you want to sleep and don’t care about anything! Plus really bad mood and huge tension inside! But I done this! Clenched the teeth and wrote. Sometimes it was complete galimatias, just words, words and words without much sense, but I wrote. And now I am so PROUD of what I’ve done! 90 days at a stretch! This is the first FIRM step into my new life!

Great! Now it is good time to think about….. tomorrow, future. 90 days behind and I am starting new part of my new life. Time to rename the blog – Diary Of My New Life, Part 2. Only one question – how many parts should be? How long will be the Part 2? Another 90 days or may be 120 days, 60 days? Starting from one question we moved to many of them. Do I really need to write every day? Just from logic point of view. Ok, at the beginning it was a commitment, just to organise myself, create a habit. Don’t really know how it goes with habit (not sure that I can’t live without posting), but kind of practice I received. Now I am thinking about following: you may not have any events during the ordinary day, or it may be things that are not interested other people. What for bother readers? If you achieved something, met somebody, created an idea, have something to share with the entire world – GREAT, you have to write about it, share with all your friends/subscribers/followers. This is dilemma – stay on old habit and squeeze myself every day – just because I committed, or tried to reorganise myself and put here only main milestones. It means that when I don’t have any significant events – stay calm and don’t bother internet with meaningless words.

OOOOOO, I have an IDEA! Yesterday I started to write down Gratitude and Achievements. It was good advise from Craig (Transformation Contest) to finalise day with this exercise: write your daily achievements (even small, very small, interesting facts, facts that you proud of) and gratitude (who, what and where I am grateful for) with small addition – what i Am exited to do next day. I started to write it only yesterday and think that I’ll transfer this practice here. I’ll “close” my working day with this blog. If it will be some significant things – I’ll describe them, if it will be an ordinary day (happy, beautiful, fantastik) I just finalise it with Achievements/Gratitude and Excitement Plan for tomorrow. I LOVE this idea.

Once again become convinced that you need to start doing something – sense and result will be, no doubts. Today’s post is a good example. I didn’t know what to do tomorrow. I knew that I can’t stop writing, but I should of find some real sense for this. Writing for the sake of writing not so good. It was OK as first 90 days commitment, just to prove myself that I can do this. And while I am wrote this post beautiful idea came to me – Achievements/Gratitude! I’ve started just yesterday, it is pretty new for me and I can leave counting.

I DECIDED! I’ll stay on every day posting up to the year. Want to write Diary Of My Life – Day 365! (no breaks). But posts will consist of 3-4 parts. Some meaningful news (if such news will be), Achievements, Gratitude and Excitements for the next day (last 3 are PERMANENT). Remains to solve one small problem – what to do with or with Empower Network? From one side – MLM is not for me. From other side – they pushed me to commit and start writing (I am grateful to them for that). One more side – Bid Idea Mastermind. Today I received mail from Vic – BIM will start on Tuesday. Your thoughts? I know, your thoughts – my decision. Great, I decided – I’ll stay with EN one more month. I want to understand How BIM will work. If I would be able to maintain future costs (I will not stay on the first level till the end of….), I’ll stay in this system. If it will work for me on the same level – I’ll quite in a month. I am giving myself a small chance to survive in MLM system. Let’s try, especially when I see that this is working. Another thing that I can’t do some things that may bring me a huge success…. Ok, forget about this, leave all as it is and will see. In all cases THE MOST important thing for me now is Portal MAZAL! $30 000 in March and $70 000 in April these are the closest figures that I should concentrate on. And Portal MAZAL is the main source of this income.

Have a great weekend and I am starting Part…. NEXT from tomorrow.

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