Good night, my dear friends!

Today is really Good Night – it is 23:15 now in Melbourne and I think that it is the latest post I ever done (except New Year’s one). It was a good busy day. I’ve posted good text on my contest, then found really good news for website – Melbourne Casino was hacked or robbed for $33 millions and all press named this gang Ocean’s 11. It was a fresh news and I received couple of retweets and 10 Likes (usually I don’t have any retweets and have about 4-5 lIkes). Good result!

Then was time for MasterMind call. This time it was very productive call. I’ve suggested couple of things and closer to the night began to receive response. I am starting to understand the sense of these groups, calls. I am sure that some of us (including me) will find positive and profit in these meetings. It will go better and better every week. I promised to organise Facebook or Linkedin Group for all of us and plan to do it, I think, on Friday  You’ll understand now why I am talking about Friday and not about tomorrow.

Then we went for a walk with my wife. I am starting to improve our family relations. It is really better when you have support or don’t have resistance at home. When you overcome all kinds of Terrier Barriers, paradigms, changing the way you thinking – it is better to fight in one direction. If you need to improve yourself and simultaneously  fight with your family – it is a very hard job. I decided to put more efforts towards family relations. I am sure it will help me to move forward faster with my own reconstruction. We walked an hour and then had a very nice lunch in White Rabbit coffee shop. It was very attractive atmosphere, good service and tasty food. It is rare combination in today Melbourne. Another plus – this place is  minutes drive from our home.

Then arrived guy from Apple to fix my noisy computer. It was not exactly Apple – it was company which provide service for Apple. He brought new hard drive and another part, but….. didn’t bring the FAN! He checked my computer and hard drive was good. It is fan problem. Usually, they don’t change parts if they not faulty, but in my case we decided to change hard drive. I had full back up and… Yes, hard drive was changed, he went to another customers and I wanted to start my job. Just one problem stopped me from this – restoring from back up took about… 5 hours! I didn’t expect that it will be so time consuming. During this waiting time we picked up Danik from kinder, I cleared couple of shelves in the kitchen and in garage. I organised couple of shelves in garage to put there things from kitchen that we not use every day. We have a tiny kitchen and every centimeter of space is very important. Now we have much more space in the kitchen.

But this is not the end of my day jet! At 1:30am I have another lesson with Bob Proctor. I don’t want to miss it or listen recording, because it will be live Q&A session. I have couple of questions that I want to ask. It is time to clarify every nuance. And after this, at 3:00am I have my first Streaming Club call. As they advertise it will be very important call for affiliates – how to promote and set up additional income. I want to be alive and be able to participate in both of them, but… In the morning I want to be at9:30am in kinder – Danik will be part of Seder and they have one more activity especially for parents. I post you tomorrow my achievements, but for now I want to do all these things. First seminar and Danik’s kinder for sure. O, my God, give me a power to participate also in Streaming Club.

10 to 12 in Melbourne. Time to say you: Good buy (Good night) and start my preparations for long night!.



P.S. I don’t know why, but…. some feelings inside me, will see. For now you can definitely find me HERE –


Lucky Long Day

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