Good day, my dearest friends!

Today is very long day! It was started at 3:00am and I still in the middle. In couple of hours i’ll go to play tennis and till now… I did many things. The problem is that my seminars become to start around 3:00am and this is not good. I prefer to sleep during this hours of the morning. Sure I’ll be on the Thursday morning seminar – it life Q&A seminar, but still didn’t decide regarding tomorrow one. It will be Streaming club and I think I’ll listen it in recording.

No, I was wrong! I checked schedule now and it appeared to be one after another! It will be 21-st of March here in Melbourne and I’ll start from 1:30am Training seminar (You Were Born Rich) and straight after it – at 3:00am Streaming Club! There are two possibilities – change my life grafik from day to night or change a country to USA. Dilemma! It is really good that MasterMind calls are at the evenings (USA time) – normal morning here in Melbourne (about 11:00am).

But all this is lyrics. More serious problems in my head. I feel every day, every moment, that something will change right now, here, in an hour, day, maximum week! But at the same time something stuck in my mind. And this is bothering me a lot. It is fight between two visions: old one – the more you work the…. less or normal your receive, and new one – your vision and attitude brings you prosperity and happiness. I can’t formulate exact vision, clear picture of my Beautiful life in my mind for now. I push myself to work more and hard, but… pretty sure that this will not work as good as I want. What happens at the end? Spend huge amount of moral and physical emotions and powers, I am nervous, because I don’t satisfied with results. I am exhausted because I can’t enjoy life at the moment (bunch of “funny” thoughts – how you’ll pay this, that, bills, food, kids…. without stable income). I am afraid to go to the shop – it means spend money and I ….. (don’t want to continue). As a result – absolutely no power to do anything! Can’t force myself to sit and write something, think about future, meditate, rest…. Total MESS!

Beautiful picture, isn’t it? I loaded myself so many routine, that don’t have time to plan something. Don’t have time to study – when I start reading or writing some kind of material thoughts jump in my head: “What do you do? What stupid “future” things? You need to earn now, at now! Go and “create” another post, send one more twitter, Facebook, news on the website….” Routine, routine, routine! And when I am looking around at the end of the day – what I’ve done and what I need to do tomorrow (I can’t even thought at the evening) – I understand that…. I didn’t move forward. Main things – goals, steps, development wait for better future and only one thing that I am fanatically doing – post, repost, spin, distribute some kind of texts all over the internet with…..out ANY result! I am dedicated! I committed to do certain things! I had already proved everything to myself! I proved that I can quite smoking in a second (and stay without cigarettes about 3 month). I proved that I can post every day in English during 90 days (ok, 87 days). I proved that I can getup at 6:00am EVERY day (including weekends). I don’t know what kind of habits I created during these 3 month of self-restraint, but talking about financial side of problem…. It is better not to talk about this.

What can I do now? What will I do now? I think that this is time to make new commitments, revise things that I am doing now. I am not ready to declare this right now. But I am ready to make a commitment: till the end of the week I’ll recreate my life! I’ll implement normal plans, reschedule my activities and change priorities. Main thing – MY MIND! My MIND is my study. Study – this is the most important part of my today life! First of all will be Bob Proctor’s materials, exercises, life schedule and creative things. And at the second time will be posts, news, Facebooks and twitters.

And I’ll add one more component into my life – TIME TO ENJOY! That is enough! I need rest, my family need rest (from me, from my tension). We’ll go outside, to the cinema, coffee shop, shops, whatever! And I promise to myself and to all of you that I’ll SHUT my mind during this rest time! It will not think about…. It will not think AT ALL! Rest, rest, rest! And you’ll know about my new decision among the first! First will be me and then you. Deal? I wish! No, I am sure! I am sure that this pessimistic post will be the last “black” post in my life! I promise you! You’ll see this!

Stay with me, support me, please! I rely on you!

Sincerely yours,


P.S. I would recommend you to check also this website HERE –  It may be my open loop for the next month (check in Money Breakthrough Challenge).


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