Dear Women! Congratulations on Your Happy Holiday – International Women Day!

I am from country where this day is oficial state holiday – till now. Country was called USSR, now it is Russia, but nothing change much! The same totalitarian state, the same government’s attitude to there citizens. But I don’t want to write or argue about politics. Today is Women’s DAy! Hoooorrrrrraaayyyyyy!!!!

Our dear WOMEN! I want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all of you! I don’t know how (pretty sure that NO CHANCE) we would live without you. You are the most important part of our life. All good and bad things, all feats and recklessness, every our single movement FOR YOU, BECAUSE of YOU! We working, fighting, arguing all our life only because we want…. that YOU, our dearest women, will be HAPPY! Do you think we need more and more money for us? No! We need more money to spend it for YOU! We want to climb on carrier ladder only to hear from you – “OOOOOO, he is so BIG BOSS! I want to be with him!”

Can you imagine this ridiculous picture – we are living without you, our dearest women. Family, relations, courage, sense of life – all these words become meaningless immediately! We can build family without you, we can’t raise children without your LOVE, we can’t build ANY relations, we don’t need to earn millions – no one to spend! And where is the sense of life? What for we are living here? We are living ONLY BECAUSE  YOU ARE HERE! Only until you exist in our life we can produce some results! The rest is…. beer, cigarets, drugs…. – fast sprint to the end of life!

You are the sense of our life! You are the meaning of our life! Without you it wouldn’t be life on this Earth! Thanks God you’ve created somebody MUCH BETTER than ordinary rough MAN! The BEAUTIFUL WOMAN is the best picture, the best there is in the world!

I want to say Thank you to my Mother! Mam, I LOVE you very much! I wish you HEALTH, HEALTH and HEALTH! I wish you to see my triumph in life – you deserved this! I know you worry about me every day, I promise you – NOW it will be OK, this is my last “new” life.

I want to say Thank you for my Wife Bella! Thank you for your patience, for your warmth, for your LOVE and faith! We went and till now going through hard times but you deserve to be on the top! And I’ll put you on the top of the world, at the highest possible point of your wishes! Trust me – we are near, we are on the right way!

I want to say Thank you for my Grandmothers! I am sure they looking on me from the sky. They made for me so many that I couldn’t even try to pay back. Just to be a bit more happier, a bit more grateful, a bit more relaxed….

I want to say Thank you Very Much to ALL women in my life! Me dear women! Everyone with whom I was crossed in life gave me something – warmth, love, wise, help…. On every stage of my life you, my dearest women, you are supported and helped me. I don’t know what would I do without you! Where can I be now if it were not you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

At the end of this post I want to say couple of words to men! Guys, LOVE and APPRECIATE  women! Sometimes we may argue with them, sometimes they make us feel frustrated, unhappy, sad, even painful! But remember – all these are only emotions! They will disappear and we’ll feel loneliness. And we can’t survive in loneliness! One side  – loneliness, another side – emotions. But we can’t live without emotions also! We are not robots! Look, from every side we can’t live without you, our dearest women, whether it’s emotions, loneliness, LOVE, family. Value this! Don’t harm women not only today! Don’t harm them at all! Remember, your LOVE or your roughness will came back to you multiply 100! That is why it is vitally important to decide at the beginning what do you want in this life – LOVE or WAR!



On behalf of all men on earth,


P.S. No links, no promotions, no business – just LOVE and HAPPINESS!

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