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Today I am a bit later – left house 1-st time in 3 days (didn’t count short runs to tennis). City didn’t change a lot during this time! Good sign. But I am not about the city. Today I want to talk about PATIENCE! This is one of the biggest thing in our life.

I’ve stated yesterday that new good things started to come in my life. It took about 3 or 4 month – not short period of time. To be honest, last couple of weeks I was nearly at the edge. I nearly gave up – wanted find any type of work just to do something outside home, not think about all problems, BACK, BACK, BACK to the very COMFORT position – you are doing something at your working place (especially how it was on my last job – I went through ALL news sites in order to not to fall asleep), receive some kind of money called salary and try to survive on this amount. You can survive at the end, but what for your whole life here? Just to survive? Once a month go to the cinema, once a year to the sea? I DON’T WANT THIS TYPE OF LIFE!

The problem is that you should change something in your head, mind in order to achieve more. As for me, it is very hard to change something and do exactly the same. My example with the last work very indicative. Immediately when I’ve started to do something (funny enough – 90% of my activity was aimed towards the main goal of the company) they fired me! Stupid people! They prefer to PAY MONEY for NOTHING rather than give person some freedom in doing things. Unfortunately, the example of my former company is very, very common. Based on my 20 years experience more than 95%  of companies prefer the same approach – paying for working place! From the other side you can observe there results – AVERAGE ZERO! If it is ok for them – fantastic! This approach is not for me.

Great! What next? The hardest part of the life’s way – patience! I’ve started below zero – was fired, mortgage, depts…. Started what I know – marketing, branding, advertising and my baby – Portal MAZAL! This is my beloved baby – he is helping me in the very hard moment! But you need to invest time and money in every project. If you don’t have money you should invest more, more and more time! Time frame is moving in this case. And your family is around you – of course, they support you, but… You can read in there eyes, feel in there emotions – forget about your dreams, find a job and let’s live like it was – not much, but enough for…. piece of bread or shorts for kids. And this pressure is UNBELIEVABLY HARD! You can’t prove them wrong, you can’t show fruits of your work – we need to wait. PATIENCE! Biggest thing. And if you patient enough, persistent enough you’ll face your LUCK, you light at the end of tunnel! Sometimes it occurs exactly near the edge – tomorrow you should…. pay, buy, eat and now the SMILE of FORTUNE illumines you! I think that this is the moment of the highest HAPPINESS! When a burden of problems falls down and you have power to go forward, to make another step towards your goal! May be it symbolise you overcome one of your Terror Barrier, I don’t know. But this feeling is magic! And as with all magic you have dual sense. First one – you want to experience these magic feelings once more – it is BEAUTIFUL! But immediately the second one – you don’t want to overcome this awful pressure once more! It is like Russian sauna (BANIA) – you sitting on the top with besom, lashing yourself to burn and then dive into the icy pool! FANTASTIC! But not everybody wants to repeat this!

Mechanism is following – you start something, it moves hard – you need PATIENCE, the more PATIENCE you have the more beauty the result! Let’s drink for PATIENCE. This character bring us enormous results!

I wish everybody more and more PATIENCE, in order to receive THE BEST results.



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