Good night everybody!!!

Hoorrayy, Hoooorrayyy!!! Happy Purim! Happy Purim!!! To all of you in Europe and America where it just only starts! Have a good day, good and happy Purim!

We spent a fenomenal day today! First thing – I got up at 7am! Enough – that was I’ve told myself yesterday putting alarm clock on. I do have deserve time to sleep. And another hour was my prize! (By the way I’ve opened my eyes 1-st time at… 5:30am! It is nearly a habit?)

Then it was very calm morning – my family slept until 9am and I had time for my emails and Transformation Contest. Light breakfast and we went: I am playing tennis and my wife with little one to music lesson. I have really enjoyed today tennis! Weather was fantastic – much better then previous Sunday when I received heat strike – my concentration was on a very high level, nobody could stop me! I told that we should finish till 11am – didn’t want the same problems as previous Sunday. And match was finished at 11:50am. I won 6:2, 6:3. It was the best score between us for last 2 month. I don’t know why and where the reason of this transformation, but may just guess. I’ve wrote yesterday that I found my ‘present point’ – point where I am now. This understanding I feel helps me a lot. I have a gut feelings that this is the Start line. And I am just crossing it…

After tennis we met with my wife for launch. Caesar salad spagetti Carbonara were very good. I’ve added a bottle of cold beer and life became even more beautiful! Next step of our program – Purim in Synagogue. It was at the same synagogue where we made Frank’s Bar-Mitzva yesterday. Was very nice couple of hours with different kinds of cakes, drinks and children program. And, of course, Megila reading. Great time.

Couple of hours rest at home – I even had time to take a nap for about 15 minutes (the more you sleep – the more you want!) – and we went to our rabbi for…. Purim celebration! We went just for Mishloah Manot –  this is one of the mitzvah on Purim. Everybody needs to give food to someone. Just bought special small cakes – Ausnej Amman (ears of Amman) and went to say hello and Hag Purim Sameah! But when we arrived there it was a huge banquet table and many guests. We were not ready for this…. But spent there beautiful 3 hours! Went through all traditions and Mitzvot. Megila reading, Mishloah Manot and others. It was a great final for this fantastic holiday!

Tomorrow new week. This week should  bring many, many good news and results. I deliberately didn’t do ANYTHING during this weekend – I sure that it should be time to “clear” head and distract from every day/minute problems. Especially if religion tell you this – stop thinking, celebrate! And it was very productive. No doubts, tomorrow will be very productive and successful day!

Hag Purim Sameah!

Happy Purim!

Celebrate, enjoy and be HAPPY!

Sincerely yours,


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