Good evening, my dear friends!

Today is one of the best days in my life – today we celebrate Frank’s Bar-Mitzva! First time in my life I am so close to God and all these ceremonies… He went through this ceremony very brave (he was very nervous yesterday evening), done all that he should have done and now he is an adult according jewish laws. Who could imagine couple of month before that we’ll see this?!! No one, even my wife, but… God works inscrutable ways. We call t miracles, for God it is ordinary job!

I also made Aliya Le Tora (rise to Bama and read part of Torah) – first time in my life. One more miracle for atheist who was born in the USSR. Miracles, miracles, miracles! And this is not all miracles. It was one more. Tomorrow (actually just now – jewish day start from night) Purim – the happiest Jewish holiday. To celebrate this beautiful holiday we read 2 Torah scrolls on Shabes pray before Purim. It is a big happiness to be in synagogue at this day. And we were there, and it was Frank’s Bar-Mitzva day! So many coincidences, that it just can’t be simple LUCK! It is consistent pattern, law.

Yes, something turned to the new right way! I am sure, I can feel it. Today in synagogue I deeply understood where I am now. Where is my start point. Now I know it exactly. It is not so encouraging knowledge. Things that I understood about myself were not so nice, it was not something that I want to be proud of. But this is the reality. And until you don’t understand where you are now, you can’t move forward!

It is very hard to understand that at the age of 43 you are a kid, teenager! No responsibilities, child fears, problems with you place in life. I am looking around and see normal people with normal life – they working, praying, enjoying life, family and HAPPY at the end. They can be more or less rich, but this is depends on there ambitions. Only I jump around or along the life from one place to other, from one job to other business, from one idea to another business. It was (and it is) so painful for wasted years! I saw many people, countries, ideas, situations – have a huge experience! But usually  people at my age just reap the benefits of there experience. I just start from the beginning! It means that previous 62 days of my “New Life” were in reality just preparation for the new long and beautiful way!

I should mention one very important thing. During these 60 days I made a huge job rendering my mind far and wide to find the routes of my problems, determine kinds of paradigms that I have in my mind. I am sure that I made a great job and it was successful! I know now who I am (ok, not so nice knowledge but extremely necessary), know what I want and where to go. This is just more than nothing. Based on this knowledge I can move forward. You can move if you don’t have a fulcrum. Now I have a fulcrum and…. Time to go! One more Mitzva tomorrow – Purim. Day when God told us FORGET about ALL DEALS and PROBLEMS, just eat, drink and rejoice. It means one more sort post tomorrow without ANY business, and start from Monday – REAL NEW LIFE.

Happy Purim!


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