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Beautiful summer day here in Melbourne! And instead of walking with my little son I am here writing for you my thoughts and news. At the same time I am on chat with Portal oDesk administration – one of there contractors stole my money. I’ve ordered a website, he received 50% in advance and….. It was advance, couple of emails and awful car incident stopped our business! Interesting thing! Why all these awful things occur immediately before person should to finish the job? Part of money just received, client passionately waited for… and now it is good time to “create” some kind of incident instead of Goodbye. Not bad scenario but SUPER OLD! Guys, I would recommend you to invent something else! Open your mind, implement your fantasy – you really need to create something! It is not enough money an advance! Client should pay you more and more. Just create very pathetic story about your mother dying from cancer or father in hospital without legs after rescue group of travelling children. And give account number where we can transfer money for your mom, dad, bro, family, whatever! Trust me, you can earn even more than you can receive for finished job. I PRESENT YOU this IDEA! Hopefully I’ll see how it works in nearest future.

Ok, this is not good part of today news. Let’s move to something more exciting. One more day closer to Bob Proctor Q&A lesson! Still trying to formulate the best questions and waiting some from you. I need to finalise Goals for this year and I’ll be ready to MasterMind sessions. Unfortunately i can’t share with you an original training material, articles and audio which we receive here. Maximun what I can  just to retell the main idea and genegal directions.

The main idea is very simple – truth in yourself and what you are doing, nothing else. Easy to formulate, easy to understand, easy to explain…… HARD to implement! Verticals, Terror Barriers, X factors, doubts, anxiety and more, more, more other things and emotions (you know it 100% – if ever tried to do something, change you life, your paradigms – you’ve experienced main of these pretty things). Wisdom of Bob Proctor is in ability to explain, show you very complicated matters in a very simple words and images. He describes differential equation as 2 multiply 2! All high materials, super complicated scientific terms becomes clearly understandable and very simple in his explanation. Why do we have fear and anxiety when start to do something new? Because of our IGNORANCE! If we would have KNOWLEDGE our ignorance will be transfered in knowledge and doubts in to faith. Sounds fantastic? May be, but…. Just try to recall some key points in your life (I am sure every one has them – school exams, first drivers licence, first penalty, etc). How much fear did we feel before this and…. how funny it looks now! Wowww, it was so stupid from my side – I was afraid to do ………, and it was so easy that even kid could do this. Remember these moments? Why do you think that your TODAY’s problems and decisions will not be the same small funny adventure for you in couple of years? Today it hearts, you are in doubts – because it is NEW for you, you don’t have KNOWLEDGE. And in couple of years, when you’ll have a huge EXPERIENCE in this matter, it will be funny. Look, that what he is talking about – IGNORANCE against KNOWLEDGE! One with “+”, another with “-“. Change the signs and you’ll change your life! Easy – YES! Simple – of corse!

But hard to implement. And for easy implementation you’ll need MasterMind. One Mind is good, but 2 or more – is MasterMind! Good if you can create this with your wife/husband, but if no? Friends, seminars and trainings – here you can find necessary amount of same thinking people. Remember – you need these people, but Thy also in need with you! It is two way highway. And as more correctly you’ll choose your Dreams, Vision and Goal, as more faster you’ll achieve them.

Start NOW, TODAY! Don’t waste your time. This process will take couple of month, maybe a year or more. But this time in cases will pass by. Only one difference – at the end of this period of time you may achieve your new goals (with knowledge) or still be in the same doubtful position (with ignorance).

Down with Ignorance, Welcome Knowledge!

See you closer to weekend – on my best day Friday.

Kind regards,


P.S. I am still here with the same awful hosting. I’ll transfer this blog, I promise.  But for now you can find it still HERE – www.RichLuckyLife.com


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