Zdoroven’ki buli! (This Ukrainian – Hello) Why? I don’t know!

It was hard night and pretty tough day. Yesterday it was too hot – about 40+C and night was also very hot. My little son Daniel walk nearly whole night. If he slept may be 2-3 hours during the night it was good! You can understand that his parents (it means me also) didn’t sleep also. Day started around 5am. And this is not the hardest part of the day – he didn’t go to the kindergarden (he attending kindergarden on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday). What does it mean? He is staying home, very unsettled after restless night and we also not in the best mood!

My list of what to do had about 20 something items. Good Luck to do this after such night and with totally unsettled little one at home! I had to perform the feat. To be completely honest with you  – I nearly done it. If I’ll be able to finish this post my feat will be nearly done – it is 9pm and I am…. sleeping on the keyboard.

But at the end of the day I’ve done the most part of the list. I really was surprised with this level of productivity. I am proud of myself. I’ve finished all homework for Bob Proctor seminars – tomorrow morning will be 3-d lesson. I am on track, trying to fully concentrate on this material. As more you understand your mind – the easier it become to achieve results. And on this stage of my life I want to change my paradigm up to the end! That’s all, enough struggling up and down! I want constant, positive movement UP, towards my MAIN STAR – Business Portal Investments in Profit! This GOAL should be achieved in 5 years, period!

But first steps should be not so ambitious – need to understand myself and attract enough amount players to Portal MAZAL. First part looks more easy, but in reality it is the most complicated thing! Need to understand, explain to your mind that what it imagine as fantasy – reality. Need to crash all up to date mind structure and create totally new. How long it may take? Who knows…. I need to perform it in a month. I have very limited time frame for changes that should have been done – there are too many problems I’ve created in my life till now.

On this background second part of my first step program looks like a kid’s game. So many people looking for online casino that it is so obvious to attract them, especially if you give them FREE Bonuses and CASH BACK! I’ve dedicated to this more than a half day today. Created description for potential partners, described in details affiliate program and… made a decision – I’ll push my existing website. I don’t want to wait for anybody, for perfect outcome, for the best product. From now on – do what you can do, what you can afford and when money will flow – improve the product. Otherwise you have a huge risk not to stay alive until FENOMENAL results!

Wooowwww, it is 10:30pm and I am going to bed… I’ve done this and I am DONE for today! Tomorrow morning will start with new lesson and I’ll share it with you.

Follow me closely,


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