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Today it is really night post – it is 9:30pm in Melbourne and… still about +35C! Good hot summer here in Melbourne – nearly at the end of its calendar time. But I am not about the weather, I am about myself.

As I’ve mentioned couple of posts before I started my course at Bob Proctor Coaching program. And I also promised to share with you my experience, help you to change your habits, your life, your vision. Let’s start, because today I’ve made one of the biggest exercise in my life – dug up my mind! From the early childhood time, through all my life until my today situation. Never ever in my life I’ve done something similar. You can ask me – what for are you doing this exercise? Isn’t enough you your every day life with all problems and relations? What for do you need to dig up your WHOLE life? Answer is very simple. In order to change your life you need to understand the PURPOSE of you existence here, on the Earth. Formulate goals and mark the rout towards achieving these goals. Seems very simple? Yes, but just seems!

I went to the beautiful peaceful place – small lake near Melbourne surrounded by a forest. It wasn’t much people there – just a few of them – today is Monday, first working day of the week. I sat down in front of the lake and tried to concentrate on the core values of my life, the best moments that I experienced and my talents and goals. When you start to do this – it is not so easy! I assure you – it is EXTREMELY HARD! After one our of sitting I’ve decided to go for a walk – it is work better for me when I am walking (don’t know why by my mind operates more clever when I am moving). 3 hours rout around the lake plus another hour of writing down main ideas – in total it took about 5 hours. But I’ve done this! I found the main paradigm that stopped me every time near the success. I understood what I should do in order to overcome this paradigm. I realised my mission and found the main purpose of my life. Not bad for 5 hours walking (don’t forget it was about +45C during the day!).

This is the list of things that you should start with:

  1. Make a list of what you value most
  2. Determine what you most enjoy doing
  3. Identify your talents, gifts and abilities

Based on these fundamental features you should determine your PURPOSE. Remember, Purpose is your WHY, Vision is your WHAT and Goal is the HOW! Very simple! We are used to complicate everything in our life, but in reality it is very simple. The simpler the more brilliant! Try to do this and you’ll understand me.

Ok, what I’ve done, what I’ve determined. My main paradigm is “mother’s son”. No responsibilities, no decisions and if something wrong – escape plan to mother! Of course, it is a bit exaggerated, but… it shows the main idea, tendency of my life. All values and views, all paradigms of my Soviet parents are inside me deep, deep inside. All this Soviet attitude to the money – money is something bad, dirt, not for intelligent people, all these traditional schemes – work hard in order to survive, millions not for us, it is a shame to be rich, but family will not give you to die from hunger. Awful paradigms! But they still alive inside me. I am happy! Not because I have them, but because I’ve determined them. Find a problem – first step to solve the problem. And I’ve done this!

Second and third tasks were a bit easier. I understood that the main engine in my life is LOVE! When I am in LOVE I can achieve whatever I want. It was in my life twice and this is real truth! My main feature – I am a boss, master. I need to rule the process and have full responsibilities for every step and person involved in this process. To determine is a half way to achieve! I am in the middle of the roar. Really recommend you to do the same and start changing your life. As an example, I’ll write here my PURPOSE in LIFE.

The purpose is:

To enjoy prosperous and healthy life with my lovely family in order to provide more and higher level of service to business world. Based on my creativity and logic, offer and implement profitable ideas to existing businesses and help talented people succeed in life.

This is one of the first lessons from Bob Proctor. Seems easy, in reality very hard, but when you’ll do this for yourself you’ll feel so comfortable lightness and satisfaction, that will indicate you – you on the right track.

I wish you good luck with this first lesson!

See you tomorrow,


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