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It is real summer in Melbourne – more than a week temperature is around 30-35C, today was and still is very nice day. We should even to switch on airconditioner for couple of hours – upstairs and downstairs (pretty expensive pleasure, because I still didn’t change that antique airconditioner which supply 1-st floor with heat/cool; last winter I’ve paid more than $2 000 for 2 month in electricity bills!!!)

Some kind of adventure with Bob Proctor seminar also occurred today – I’ve decided to attend once more the same seminar – it is very important part of study and I wanted to repeat it. This time it started at 7am (usually I get up at 7am on weekends). No problem, this weekend was like week day – get up at 6am – and I was on the legs at 6am (today without morning shower – I had tennis game at 9:30am), checked email, wrote ETR Contest and…. wasted another 30min looking on the static picture on the screen of my iPad. The same situation as it was on Friday! Can you imagine how angry I was?!!! And this is really bad when you start day from such a negative emotions! I am not so professional for now to manage myself very quickly and big part of my day went…. You can imagine where! I know that this is MY PROBLEM and this is a very bad part of my character – this is the major or one of the main problems that I need to overcome, crash, change, replace! It will not work in the life – one negative emotion will ruine you nearly whole day! (To be honest with you I recovered, maybe not till the end, only now – 5:30pm – look, how this is bad)

The rest of the day wasn’t fantastic, as I just explained. I’ve lost my game – 1:6; 6:1; 3:6. And in the third set I was winning 3:1!!!! It was too hot – 11:30am, I’ve totally lost concentration, etc., etc., etc. Whole world was against me! All around was bad and only I… And only I was and is so stupid person who can’t coop with my own thoughts and emotions. I’ve posted couple of days ago how tennis may be the mirror of your life (when I was loosing and then concentrated, recovered and won). Today was exactly the same situation, but…. without happy end. I was too sad with this seminar problem that I couldn’t simply concentrate when it was necessary. Very simple, very frustrating.

At the end all finished good – I’ve receive email with apologies from Bob’s team (from there side seminar went without any problems). They sent me a link to this webinar and I already went through it once more – my emotional conditions become much better! Now I need to make very sharp schedule for the next week – I need

  • start email campaign in order to receive not less than 1 000 new depositors casino players to my website;
  • receive template for the new website, approve/change it a bit and upload
  • change hosting for – existing is too slow and I don’t want to pay now more money to additional hosting provider;
  • make a huge home work before the next lesson in Bob’s seminars – it will take not less than couple of days, full days. Very important exercises – understand my Vision, Goals, Mission. It take times to think through this, feel it and make a right conclusions.

Week should be busy! Because next lesson is on the 20-th of February and today is 17-th! It is the blueprint of my life that I HAVE TO change – or nothing or more than enough. One of the first goal – start manage my activities in the right manner. I Don’t want “all hands on deck” type of life and activities. Period! New life – new habits!

Upon this, I leave of you, my dear followers,

Yours Leonid

P.S. Until I didn’t change hosting (who knows how it will be with new provider) follow me also HERE –

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