Good evening my dear friends!

Beautiful Saturday, just back home from fantastic trip to lake near Melbourne. But let’s start from the beginning.

Morning started as usual at 6am. Despite the fact that is Saturday today I got up at 6am (instead of usual 7am on weekends). Reason was very simple – rescheduled seminar by Bob Proctor. Instead of Friday morning (I’ve mentioned it in yesterday post – technical problems, caused by my over tensioning!) it was rescheduled on Saturday 9am and Monday 7am (by the way, I am thinking to take part in tomorrow seminar also – I feel that it starts VERY important information, some basic knowledge which WILL and HAVE TO help me overcome my very strong PARADIGM). Back to today morning – I had plenty of time to make my morning exercises – shower, dog, half an hour Bob Proctor listening, emails and ETR Contest (I HAVE TO win once!). And at 9am it was started. This time without any problems (were some missing near the end, but generally it was ok). Can’t say you now what it was exactly about – need time to understand and put it on the shelves of the mind – but the main idea was very clear and simple: what for we are here?! Our Mission, Vision and Goals. I should listen it couple of times more and then I can give you a brief explanation of this lesson.

I have a suggestion (before I’ll go further with my day) to you, my dear followers. I am going through very hard period of my life. I’ve signed up for Bob Proctor’s seminar because I am at the edge! I need to work out my life – financial, family, social, health, etc. – and I need a serious help in this. That’s why I bought this course. As will go through it I will post my results and quintessence of Bob’s lessons. It you want – you can follow, if you want – you can do the same exercises (I’ll briefly explain main steps and exercises),  if you want – you can improve the quality of your life. If not – no problem, just read it and relax, laugh, enjoy – whatever you want. Have questions – send it to me, have arguments – let’s discuss. The main idea let’s shake up the swamp, push our life, let’s ROCK! Drugs, Sex, Rock-n-Roll! Remember! It was a great time!

Good, left it for weekdays – we’ll think about this on Monday (may be I’ll have more appropriate ideas). The rest of Saturday may went not so exiting, because my wife and little son Daniel didn’t want to leave the house. They wanted to stay home! As for me it is kind of a stupid idea for Saturday when you have 35C outside. But I’ve decided not to argue and…. went to sleep. Look, I am getting up at 6am and going to bed usually not early than midnight (yesterday I went around 1am). 5-6 hours of sleep is not really enough for me – I used to sleep an AVERAGE 8-9 hours during the week. But now I will live better!

I went to sleep…. for half an hour and then went to buy new cartridge for my printer. I bought it and had a very nice conversation with the owner of this shop – may be he can order from my some kind of marketing strategies/promotions. He wants to sell this business and I really may help him to sell it more expensive. When I came back I decided without ANY doubts – we should go OUT – to the sea, lake, nature – whatever, but preferably to the place where there is water. And we went to beautiful lake – about 40min from my house. It was a former water reservoir and now just a very nice place  – swimming, walking, rest, barbecue – all what you can imagine (including wild life – ducks, kangaroo) you can find there. It was fantastic rest! I am in the process of clearing my mind (something like Format C in Windows) and it was really helpful. We should visit this place more often and we will!

We came back only around 8pm (remember – we were with 3 years old Daniel). Another hour, hour and a half – we need to drive home Bella’s parents, and only at 9;30pm he went to shower. It means that he’ll go to bed not earlier than 10pm – very bad…. I am writing this post now and they are in the shower.

Time to finalise my writing and go to say Good Night to my son.

Good Night to all of you, have a good and healthy Sunday (don’t drink much today!).

Sincerely yours,


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