Good day, my dear followers! Hope it is or will be really good for you. It is Friday and just because it is last weekday day (last before weekend) it should be GREAT and BEAUTIFUL!

What about me? I am sure that I am nearly good. As you can remember (I also put it to the header for those who has very short memory) yesterday was very hard day. I fought with different paradigms, with myself, was so angry for all around me, that…. The thing that I am gonna tell you now – something beyond the bounds of ordinary mind. Hard day huge amount of not very good emotions, frustration, etc. All these negative factors gave me this result. Listen me careful here! It should be Bob Proctor’s webinar today at the morning (5pm Toronto time, 9am Melbourne time). I got up as usual at 6am, shower, walk with dog, morning listening of Bob Proctor’s audio, coffee, one more coffee and I am with my iPad waiting for webinar. I am much better that yesterday, and I am planning to listen webinar and go swimming with my little 3 years old sion Daniel. Good plans for Friday, but… 5min – nothing, 15min – nothing, 30min – nothing! “Webinar will begin shortly. Please, remain on the line” Very encouraging phrase especially when you listening it for 40min! And you can’t do anything, you can’t check what happend,what will be! We have only emails, I’ve sent couples, but how it can help? I was lucky to have couple of Skype addresses of Bob Proctor’s team, but his secretary only gave me one more email address and only one member of his team offered some help – he started to check what’s going on. In 10-15min I was informed that there are technical problems and webinar will be moved for the next day (now I know that it will be tomorrow). Nothing criminal? Things happens?! You can easily ask – where did I find a problem and some kind of NOT REAL thing?! I’ll explain it to you now!

It was about 8 years ago. I created seminar “Investments in Profit”. President’s Putin palace was ready to receive visitors, Al Ries and his daughter Laura were on the plain, Stockholm Economy School was ready to start it’s program. Was only one problem – I had ONLY about 30% of expecting participants! What doe in mean? Simple as 2 multiply 2 – we didn’t sell enough tickets to even pay to speakers, palace and transport companies! It is a HUGE failure! Failure that might cost me about $1 000 000 (yes, 1 million dollars)! Can you imagine my condition?! Didn’t try even – it is really DANGEROUS for you health. Ok, but need to do something. I can’t simple sit and look how $1mln descends to the toilet. Because next to this million I’ll go to the same direction! I can’t describe the state of my internal stress! There is only one way out of this situation – huge sale (up to 50%) and…. SPAM. You can’t find more civilised methods when you need to receive 200 customers in 3 days. Only spam.

Good, I am ordering spam and wait for results. NOTHING! SILENCE! I couldn’t understand anything! I started to call spam companies – they don’t answer! You can’t even IMAGINE the level of my ANGER! No way out! 2 days before seminar, 100 participants out of 300! Creditors somewhere here (God bless they didn’t know anything – but it was really hard to spoke with them with HUGE smile telling them how AWESOME all will be in.. 2 days!) Awesome would be to stay alive after such seminars! After 1 day of suspense spam company called me and explained situation. Of course, sometime it happens, but as long as they remember (about 15 years of practise) it happens ONLY when police or hackers starting to interfere them – servers have fallen! It doesn’t happened in normal life! I had a mentor at that time (to be honest with you – I couldn’t do this seminar and overcome all these problems without my mentor) and she told me – RELAX! If you want to do this seminar and stay alive – RELAX! You see – even mechanisms have fallen down. You have so incredible amount of energy that it is better to direct your energy to creation, not to destruction. Look, person can affect mechanical tools which situated thousands and thousands of kilometers away from him. Imagine what your family experiences around you at these moments!

That is all! I finished! Enough for today… Ok, I kidding a bit, need some conclusions. Here they are. Spam was successful – we received even more participants (it was ok), I finalised all my relations with sponsors, Al Ries was really happy (we still in touch with him), in short – we overcome problems and prepared fantastic seminar! Why do I recall it now? My inner tension yesterday was close to that one (8 years ago) and as the result – technical problem with webinar. Looks so similar! Nearly the same situation! What does it mean – it means that all will be OK, GOOD, FANTASTIC! As a confirmation – my rabbi come now, exactly near the end of this post! Usually he comes an hour later, but today… As a good sign! I am happy! New Life, New Emotions, New Experience!

See you on Saturday,

Shabat Shalom,


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