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Beautiful weather – real summer here, in Melbourne. It was fantastic couple of days and should be the same another 4-6 days. Will see! February FROSTS as we used to say in Russia, here is February HOTS!

Today was very quite day. Nothing special and…. was time to fight with Terra Barriers. Awful situation. I understand that it is kind of stupidity that person should work EVERY working day from 8 till 5 and rest on weekends. Why weekends and weekdays? How amount of money you earning may corresponds to days you are working? So taken, we were taught in this manner. But why? Why should I be bothered on Thursday? I want to relax especially now – what is the problem? My business is in internet and I am waiting for certain products – video and texts. Can’t start campaign without these. What is my fault? Why I “ate” myself during this day? Why I am thinking about problems that MAY OCCUR in couple of weeks? Why do I feel guilty in advance? Look, so many questions!!! And I can put them more and more. Stupid paradigm!

I’ll not answer all these questions one by one – I’ll try to explain ALL OF THEM to myself in ONE paragraph, sentence, word, WHATEVER! This is the way how we living and results we receiving! That’s all, this is an answer. I understand, it is a very hard time now – now job, no stable income, business just started. At the same time mortgage need to be paid, kids going to school/kindergarden – this is money, living expenses, bills, gas, insurance, registration….. you know that I can continue this list more and more. What to do? From ordinary point of view – find a job in a week with the same or higher salary and all will be ok. The question is – why all around you LOVE to BELIEVE in this idea rather than in idea that new business may bring enough money from the first weeks? How stupid is it – you was fired and immediately find new better job?!! Like fantasy, fairy tail! On the other hand it is also hard to believe that brand new business will replace IMMEDIATELY yesterday salary. Usually it needs couple of month, years to start business and become independent businessman.

The funniest thing is – everybody readily believe in first fantasy (with new job) and totally reject the idea of profitability of new business! Why? Can somebody explain me this phenomena?!!! This is our nurture, paradigm, way of thinking from our ancestors. And everybody around me (and you, if you, God forbid, will find yourself in such situation) started this very old song! How can I find new job in a week? The same chances as to win lottery (I prefer and SURE in second). But when I put my efforts to push my own business everybody looks at me like I am crazy! How come! We don’t have money for living expenses and he starts to create business. Earn at the beginning, put enough in the bank (up to the end of the life) and than you can “create” whatever you want! The funny thing is – my head working exactly the same! And all day today it was a HUGE fight between my paradigm and things that I want in my life! Hope that my wishes should win! I’ll know it in the nearest future – in couple of week.

Remember, I wrote in January when I started my epic firing that it was the hardest days of my present life – so hard inside, tense, nervous! My today situation is much TENSE from inside that was that situation. Everything is relative in life! We know this. And tomorrow may be even worth than now, but…. TOMORROW WILL BE BETTER! THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW WILL BE MUCH MORE BETTER THAN TODAY! And in a month I will recall these days as the biggest nightmare in my present life.

Goals are simple and clear: $3 000 000 in 2013, $250 000 per month and this monthly income will start in April! PERIOD! Went to write financial plan for this income. Don’t disturb, please.

Sincerely yours,


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