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Today I am writing in the middle of the day. Don’t want to leave this post up to the night – today is fantastic weather and I think will go to the beach with Daniel! He loves going to the sea. We can stay there a bit long and I don’t think that I’ll have too much power to write something WISE after all of this.

Ok, let’s talk about something. What it may be – I don’t know, you didn’t send me any suggestions, I am working on 6 different Concepts of Positioning – you can imagine, that it cause a bit of mess in my head. By the way I have a bit of spare GIFTS – I still can accept about 10 orders for your Concept of Positioning. Do Be Quick! My head has borders!

Patience and its limits. What do you think about this topic? Big enough for one post? No problem, I’ll continue it in the next post if it will be necessary. For now try to imagine very simple situation: you have a goal, you have a plan and start implement this plan. At the beginning there are so many things that you need to do – this is the start of your campaign. But after exact amount of time you understand that you’ve done 80% of your start up plan and… it is still not the beginning of the next level. What’s happening  Easy – you’ve done your job,sent all signals to Universe and now waiting for respond. You should know are you right or wrong in your suggestions/activities. May be you need to change something, make some adjustments. You don’t know – you are waiting. And this is the biggest question – HOW LONG you should wait? When will be the first signals and how will they look like?

Really, may be it is time to go further, may be you simply wasting your time waiting for…, but may be you need to correct your direction, change methods? So many questions! I wish I can give you an answer! And it will be not so obvious answer. We are spiritual human beings and spiritual part of us (main part) the most important. Spiritual part – feelings and emotions! Look for a signs around! You just may start some kind of play with Universe. Decide what kind of sign you want to receive – it may be whatever you imagine, for example, your favorite team will win this weekend, or your classmate will call you at the evening. It may be every stupid thing that you can imagine. Just take couple of them. Make a wish on several things and look how it will go. If most of your wishes/guesses are true – you going in the right direction. If most of them are false – think more about your choice or directions. May be something wrong.

And another thing – if all going beautiful, you don’t have any tension, excitement inside, nobody tells you that you are crazy, that you should do what you want – simple normal things – it means that you are still in your Comfort Zone. Nothing changed! You, maybe, started to do something, but in fact you didn’t move any further. You still where you are. And vice versa – if you worry inside, if your inner voice telling you: “Stop! Where are you going?! It was so comfortable here. Yes, you didn’t have millions, but you have enough money for living. Stop, stupid idiot, came back!” And people around you telling you the same crap: “How come! Go to normal job, receive salary and live in silence! Rich life is not for you – you were born poor”. It meant that you FOUND your direction! Go and be firm! You are on the right track, good on you!

This is the truth, this is the reality. But still no answer – how long we have to wait, how patient we should be? You know what – I think there is no answer to this question or there is only ONE right answer – Patience Should Be Infinite! Imagine for a second – God looking on us and accept ALL our stupidity! How much should he be patient? INFINITE! And he is. What about us? Should be the same because we all his sons and daughters!

Do what you want, wish all what you can imagine, do it and BE PATIENT! You’ll have all treasures of this Universe!

Your patient Leonid!

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