Good evening everyone!

I thought that Monday is a hard day, but I was wrong – from my today experience this Tuesday was much harder than yesterday Monday. Really don’t know why, but this is truth. Nothing bad happened, I’ve made many good things – finished my homework for Bob Proctor, received couple of encouraging messages, played tennis, but now I am exhausted! I felt this in the afternoon when I came back from Centrelink. I couldn’t post my ad on Gumtree! I don’t know why but it makes me so angry, unsettling, that I can’t function couple of hours after this! Need to do something with this. It can’t be in my life situation like this – small stupid problem paralyzes the whole body. If I want to reach some higher goals I need to learn how to deal with this.

I understand why it bothers me so much – I HAVE TO sell this Donut Machine. Generally this is money for mortgage, car and living for the next month. Can’t settle myself until it may be some problems which will affect my family. It was not a good time to quite a job, but… All that is done is for the best! I am sure that this crisis (moral and financial) is the LAST so deep crisis in my life! I am a strong man, I’ll work out what to do and will conquer all obstacles!

I think that my today tennis match shows my conditions in the best way. I’ve started…. I can’t even say awful – I didn’t start at all – first set 1:6 (first game I won when score was 0:5). I wasn’t on the court, I wasn’t in the match, I was all over the place – thought about my problems, jumped to another courts (looked how they play), cried, tried to change something, but… I wasn’t anything that I might change. You can change style of you playing, your strategy, strength of hits, but if you don’t have all of this – what you would change?!!! Just need to start playing. Only one real decision. And I’ve decided – STOP, I’ve made as many mistakes as I could, now it is time to concentrate and start playing. The most important thing in my life NOW and in nearest hour is THIS GAME! All other problems and emotions will be later.

You will be surprised – step by step, game by game, I won….. 6:0, 6:1 (1 game I lost when it was 5:0 in the third set)! What kind of conclusion normal thinking man can do from this? Nothing changed – all circumstances and conditions stayed the same. The same court, same balls, same weather, same opponent. What have changed? And changed dramatically! My attitude, my concentration, my determination. That is all that changed! And look, it was not that type of game when you play point to point. It was one way game – 1:6! And than it just changed direction, 180 degrees back – 6:0, 6:1! When you read in books or here from speakers that every person can change his life dramatically regardless of circumstances, you don’t trust. It can’t be, because…. and then follow the whole bunch of reasons – you tired, balls not good, court very bad, opponent too strong – it is obvious, when you lost 1:6. Based on this real circumstances, can you, please, explain me what happened further? How come I won 6:0, 6:1? There is no logical explanation from what we have in mind. And in mind we have that problems around us are too tough and we can’t change world, win the match.

We can WIN this match, we can WIN better life. Only one thing that we need to do – WISH THIS! And start doing. Concentrate on every one NEXT small step towards our big goal. And we’ll change the world, we’ll WIN the game and BUILD BETTER HAPPIER LUCKIER LIFE! Let’s start doing it now! Because every day that we waste in our life we can’t compensate. We just wasted too many days – let’s enjoy the rest.

Start changing NOW,


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