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Monday is hard day! Main countries except Israel (in Israel week starts from Sunday – it means that there Sunday is a hard day!). But I am in Australia right now and here Monday is first and hard day. I am writing this post and hearing introduction call from Bob Proctor. He is talkind about Man Thinking! It is the start of 13 month course that I’ve started couple of days ago. Life really will change! From NOW! Forever!

I am looking on the figures on header and can’t believe my eyes – 51 Days! 51 day every day I write something in English! I should be a HERO now. I never able to do it in Russian – maximun couple of days. And here in foreign language 51 DAYS! It is really harder to start than maintain the same speed. Because after couple of days, may be weeks it is still nothing – aaaa, just couple of days/weeks, nothing to lose, no achievement. But when you see such numbers as 51 days you start to understand something. It is a pity just to throw out all your efforts, all this not so short diary just because today you feel a bit laziness. Just not feel good. Just tied. Just because of Monday, for example, or Friday – I’ve heard from somebody not long ago – webinar Friday evening? or Saturday morning? How come! I need to have a very good rest on Friday after wich I’ll have to rest all Saturday! This is LIFE! Full Life! Full of sense and events.

No, no, no! If you decided to achieve something – you should commit on this, stick to this idea and sacrifice nearly all that you have in order to change your life and reach your goals.And after this you can relax from Monday till Sunday without any break if you will want this kind of life. I am sure that after you’ll reach your first goals you’ll decide to go forward instead of lying on the results of your job. Your interests will be changed. Your priorities will be different. Change life – change habits – change priorities – change environment. Because you’ll have different friends and neighbors. Sounds fantastic? Try and you understand that I am 100% right!

Look, I know that in a year I’ll read these posts and I would be ashamed for my language, my words, my attitude, may be even themes of writing. But for now I need to stick myself to something. Prove myself that I CAN do whatever I decide to DO! This is the most important thing. Despite what everybody will say about, despite whole world will laugh on me! I’ll do what I’ve decided! The same as with smoking. Don’t know why, don’t know what for (never ever in my life I didn’t have an intension to quite), but I’ve told myself – Let’s check your Will Power – quite smoking until you have 1 cent of depts, including credit cards, mortgage, loans, etc. Why? What for? But I’ve told it to myself and… now it is more than a month that I didn’t smoke ANY cigarette, cigar, pipe. Do I want to smoke? Really – NO. The problem is habits. I used to smoke when talking by phone when creating/writing something (like I am doing now), used to make a cigarette brakes with coffee or beer, just quick smoke for break. That’s all. I don’t have any excuses when my wife ask me to do something. I used to say – Ok, just finish smoking and will do. What should I say now? GIVE AN IDEA, PLEASE! I am out of my breaks! Help me, boys and girls. One mind is good but two boots are the pair! Hard to understand but truth.

That is all for today. Need some break, but have to find an excuse. No cigarettes, more health, more time for work. Let’s work, let’s move it forward, towards the goals of new life!

Waiting for your suggestions – IDEADS for BREAK without a cigarette.



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