Hello, everyone!

Today is remarkable day – 50-th day of my everyday blogging! Never ever in my life, I wrote something so consistently like this blog. Every day during 50 days! It is shocking even for me, but I’ve done this. Hope next 50 days will be much easier.

Ok, couple of words about today achievements. It was busy day despite the fact that it is Sunday. I got up at 7am because at 8am I had my first meeting – it was Skype meeting with beautiful woman from…. Toronto, Canada! World is so small. My son lives in Toronto and this woman who will write all sorts of texts for me (now I am sure in this) also lives in Toronto (I didn’t know it before our conversation). We had very nice conversation, I am sure that we understood each other 100%. Not that she knows all about me and my business and I know her, but our VISION and FEELING of life are so similar, that I am confident we’ll work together for a long time and very successfully. I’m really grateful to fate for this meeting (not only to fate but also to Transformation Contest where we met)!

It was a very positive start of the day. Then I went to play tennis. On this positive wave, I easily won 6:2, 6:1 without any chances to my opponent. Usually, we play equal and play tough matches. But today my concentration was unbelievable and I played one of my best tennis since I’ve started to play again 4 months ago (I should mention here one more time that I played tennis professionally for 12 years – read my previous posts – but after this didn’t even touch a racquet for 15 YEARS). Good day, good mood, good tennis – brilliant results!

Then I’ve done some home work while my wife and son were at music lesson and stayed at the park. But I’ve done 2 things simultaneously – do some housekeeping work and listening audio from Bob Proctor. It is so encouraging and logically straight that you really FEEL how your mind trying to change itself! I have to do a huge amount of work with my mind in order to reach my goals. And I’ll do this and do this QUICK! I wasted enough time in my life for different things and this is very good time to change ALL my life and become a NEW PERSON! Full transformation – very interesting, exiting and profitable! Wealthy and Healthy, Lucky Rich Life!

Next step of my Sunday program was another very important meeting with guy who wants to be my partner in business. He has a huge sales experience and it will be very beneficial for my business (especially it’s Gambling part). We had a very productive meeting, I explained him major nuances regarding casino/affiliate/player relationships, showed him major figures that may be our profit (it is easily start from $250 000 per month) and we took “time out” to think about this. Would you ask me about my feelings?  I am not sure yet, need I bit more time to put all things in order in my head, but…. I think that rather YES than NO. I’ve showed him all the prospectives that he may have, spread his horizons and now only need time to establish all these things in his head. If somebody will not change his mind, we…… will start in a week – 10 days. Very encouraging day! If I can stay on this wave another month – all will be changed and my today problems will be the part of ancient history (sure, will be another problems, but on the NEXT, HIGHER level of development).

After all these meetings and games it was time for family. We went to park, play tennis a bit (my oldest son starts playing tennis at school and needs a bit practice, little one also slightly waved racquet about asphalt). Then we walked along very nice street near our house – sit in coffee shop – ice cream, coffee – of course, visited grocery shop – tomorrow will start school and kindergarten week. So calm, beautiful, relaxing! This was just a snap shot of my future Wealthy and Peaceful life! Want it now and forever!

It is time to bath my little son and I should go. Thank you for reading this and sharing my joy! Tomorrow will start with some educational and useful business things. Let’s rest for now. Have a good final part of the weekend!

See you on Monday,


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