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Today is a very late post (not so late as it was on New Year eve, but something near). Beautiful Saturday, we went for drive/work around Melbourne. Drove along the sea and visited different marines and sanctuaries. The main idea was very simple – prepare route for the future. We want to visit French Island and Quail Island.

Let’s start from Quail Island. We saw this beautiful Island over the small channel, rested on the fantastic shore with a magnificent view, fed pelicans and seagulls and…. spoke with locals about Quail Island. No CHANCE! There is NO HUMAN life on the island, there are no human beings there, just huge amount of poison snakes (Brown snakes) and wild animals. It use to be one walking route over the island, but it was closed years ago.

There are also good news. We can hire boat there and make a wonderful boat trip around Quail island. They’ll give us all necessary equipment for boating trip, we can also hire fishing rods and go fishing. So many interesting attractions. We’ll return here some day to rest in silence inside the nature. It is beautiful nature here.

Second point of our destination was city from where ferry goes to French Island. I can be fully honest with you – we didn’t found ferry, but… On our way towards Ferry we found beautiful small sanctuary with wallabies, parrots, emus, tortillas, etc. All spectrum of Australia wild life (don’t forget Dingo!). It is really small but very nice and pleasant sanctuary. Here my son FIRST time in his life fed kangaroos (wallabies) from his hand! It was so charm and unforgettable! We went with him couple of times to different parks with kangaroos, but it was really big kangaroos and he was scared. In this sanctuary there are so many small ones – wallabies – and they are so friendly (really, like rabbits), that it was so nice to feed them. At the end of the route he also pet a…. snake (some kind of python). These “animals” are not for me! My wife is happy to pet and hold these reptiles, but not me. Brrrrr, not good feelings!

Last stop of our trip was, of course, Mac Donalds. Look, you have to feed your kids. And when you travel around it is very hard to feed them with sandwiches from home, because every couple of kilometers there are Mac Donalds, KFS, Red Rooster, Hungry Jack’s along highway. No chance! You should to promise it and then… Let’s eat some of this Fast Food masterpiece. Once a week it is ok. Cheap and fun! Especially for kids.

We back at home around 6pm and took our dog for a walk. There is a small park near our house where there are dog area and children playground. My son call it “Park where the dogs are”. And we went there. He likes to play a bit with dogs and then going to the playground. Today he was lucky – there are couple of kids there and they play together. Usually, we are alone there at this time. He was so happy! These are the best moments in your life when you child is SO HAPPY!

He is sleeping now and I am typing this post. It is dark night now, I am sitting outside (need to concentrate a bit) and fresh air helps me to write. I think that I need to finalise today’s post – have to type and print couple of documents for my tomorrow meeting. Interesting thing – tomorrow Sunday will be like Sunday in Israel. In Israel Sunday is the first working day – and I have first meeting at 8am (Skype), then tennis at 9:30am, and then another meeting (live meeting, face to face) at 2pm. Normal working day, because after this I should finalise very serious things for my coaching at Bob Proctor seminar.

I wish you the best rest of weekend and you’ll hear from me tomorrow.

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