Good day, my dear friends!

Today is Friday – the day I love the most! (I just wrote about this, I think) We are near the evening here in Melbourne, weather is BRILLIANT – about +25-27C, even at the evening. Tomorrow should be the same beautiful day – about +28C at the top. Fantastic summer, I am enjoying every second of these magnificent moments of the life!

Don’t want to talk today about business. Just short reminder – my offer is still actual – Concept of Positioning FOR FREE. But Do Be Quick! I think I can create not more than another 10-15 in 2013. Next year it will be $15 888!

Forget about money – let’s relax! I want to talk with you today about things that happens in our life. We think that these are random things:

  • your old friend called you occasionally – but you thought to call him just couple of days;
  • you’ve met someone with whom din’t crossed years – but you recall this person not long ago;
  • you desperately need certain amount of money – appears customer of whom you had long forgotten;

I could continue this list endlessly. I hope you understand what I am talking about – random things that are really not a random! Tricky? No, very simple. All things in our life have there cause and effect. What does it mean? It means that evens that we perceive as occasional are in reality very logical. And occurs just when they are required. Only one problem – you don’t know that this should be happened NOW. Or don’t want to know. Or don’t bother yourself to think about you and consequent events in your life.

I can give you couple of examples and you can make a conclusion by yourself. It will be examples from my life.

Start from nearest one – how I found my wife and immigrated to Australia. I met my wife in Internet on a dating site. Immediately I understood that it is my fate and I want to spent the rest of my life with this woman. It was nearly after I closed all my businesses in Russia and came back to Israel. It meant, generally, that I didn’t have much money to travel around the globe. I just started to work with Party Gaming – one of the biggest online Gambling Portal (we started VIP Club Project). It was huge amount of work and not a huge amount of money at the beginning. I’ve just started to establish my life in Tel-Aviv – rent a flat, bought furniture, car, etc. (some “small” investments). But I fall in LOVE. Nothing and Nobody could stop me! And at the same time I should fly to my son to CAnada – I didn’t see him for couple of years. Money on bank account around ZERO! And such a trip round the world (I should fly minimum twice – one to visit and second to start new life) would cost me a fortune at that time. What could I do? What do you think? No money – no love? You are wrong! There is LOVE it means will be money! Feel difference? First desire – then finance! And it works only this way!

Ok, close to the Earth! What’s happened in reality? Couple of very simple thing. First one: Party Gaming running contest twice a year. Contest for the best idea. Everyone in company + partners welcome to participate. I LOVE generate new ideas and of course sent my idea to the contest (it was couple of month before I met my wife and decided to move around the world). When I most needed the money they informed me that my IDEA had won the FIRST PRICE – 10 000 GP Pounds! Not bad, how do you think?! But unfortunately, it was not enough – I need to fly to Canada, stay in Canada for 10 days, pick up my son, fly back to Israel, spent a month with him in Israel, sent him back to Canada and fly to Australia (don’t forget, that I should fly to Australia and back 3-4 month before this)! Another problem…. How to fix it? I can’t “print” money.

Your suggestions? Something in mind? You can’t even guess! I received email from my bank: “Dear customer, we glad to offer you $30 000 credit line with extremely low %, bla, bla, bla… Because you are so loyal, good, etc.” Sounds fantastic? But this is REALITY! Problem solved! I’ve achieved all my goals and happily married! (I flew to Canada, stay with my son in Israel, married in Australia)

What do you think? Random cases? Occasional things happens? To many occasional events in short period of time. I don’t trust in such lucky random generator! It may only one answer – when you desperately want something and trying to do your best to achieve it – you’ll receive ALL resources and ALL help from Universe and you’ll receive this!

Conclusion: If you want to achieve something – in life, in business, in family relations, etc. – first thing you should desperately DESIRE this and start doing. Don’t hear anyone around  don’t fear, don’t stop doing what you can do, don’t look around for confirmations – just do whatever you know and want! And you’ll receive this – 1000% GUARANTEE!

Want to try? No problem, you can check it easily. You want to buy something but you don’t have enough money (start from something not so expensive). Imagine that you just bought it and use it. Watch yourself with this thing, dream about it, talk with friends as you just have it. You’ll see how fast you’ll be the owner of this thing without ANY damage to your budget! I bet for $1000 with you! Let’s try. I bet $1000 against your desire. Write me about your experiment and…. Look, if you’ll not materialise your desired dream, you’ll receive $1000 from me! Fair? I think so!

Sincerely yours,



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