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Beautiful weather in Melbourne! Yesterday was 35C, today about 30C – fantastic summer weather! Yesterday we went to the beach with my little son – water was so comfortable, he played on the beach, had a lot of fun in the water – PARADISE! Hope will do the same today. I just need to visit dentist and… Not so happy perspective (visit of dentist), but we need to do it sometimes. After nervous month it is normal situation, that you have to fix some parts of your body. All diseases are from nerves, only syphilis from pleasure! Golden words!

Yesterday we finalised our preparation period with Concept of Positioning. It is the most important document for your business prosperity. I want to emphasize it once more here –  if you want to build successful, long term profitable business you HAVE TO have this Concept. This Concept will help you to stay on track of your development, will show you directions when you’ll not sure where to go, help you in hard times and brings you a lot of prosperity and wealth. Don’t underestimate this document. I know that for many of you it may seems like marketing joke just to receive money from customers. NO, NO and NO!!! And I am proving this by giving it away for FREE! Remember? Concept of Positioning FOR FREE!!! It is my FREE GIFT for you. Not to get money from you, but to HELP you build successful and profitable business. After couple of years you’ll say “Thank you” to me for this marvelous GIFT (or don’t say, it doesn’t matter). The most important for me that you’ll have establish business, growing in the direction you want, aiming goals you predicted. That’s enough for me! You can trust me in this statement, may not trust – it is totally up to you. The fact/reality is simple – I am giving you a FREE PRESENT – Concept of Positioning of your business and you can implement or ignore this – totally up to you! (Market value of such Concept is about $15 888).

Just for those lazy businessmen who doesn’t want to go to previous post. I’ll repeat main points of Concept of Positioning here.

Concept of Positioning

consists of:

  • Idea for your business
  • Name – suggestions for your Lucky name
  • Positioning – finding right “positioning ladder” in the minds of potential customers
  • Reality – where you are NOW – Point A – start of your journey
  • Vision – define your most desirable dream – Point B – your desired destination
  • Marketing Strategy – your PERSONAL route on the map of existing business economy situation from Point A (where you are NOW) to Point B (your point of desired destination)

Total cost of this package is $ 15 888.

And ALL these ARE TOTALLY FREE for you NOW, in 2013! Do Be Quick!

Ok, we finished with first, but the most important step of business creation (I am using word “creation” in purpose. Not “building”, but “creation”). Business it is an idea, idea is your creature, you the Master of your idea, you are Creator! I want to wish a GOOD, GOOD, GOOD LUCK to all creators! You’ll be happy, healthy and successful!

What will be next? I mean here, in my blog. We finished with Concept of Positioning, next business steps are usually very concreet – various between every business. Does it mean that there are NO UNIVERSAL advises, common suggestions, overall rules? In general – NO, but… There are many things in this small BUT. I’ll give you couple of days to relax and grasp this basic Concept information and start publish…. real businesses concepts! How it sounds to you? I have more than thousand real businesses that went through my consulting service. Most of them are very successful (on different levels). And I want to share with you there success (sometimes – there failure). What it will give to you? How it may help you in your own business? Very simple answer – these cases will create you a map, business map. You need to create your route to success, you need a map on which you can point your Point A and Point B. These REAL cases will help you in this. Just imagine how hard it was 15 years ago to find a route from A to B. You should buy paper map, you should know how to use them, etc. And NOW – open Google maps, print and address and IMMEDIATELY receive couple of routs (or just put an address in Navigator). Routes with explanations and comments.

The same situation with Concept of Positioning and real business cases. Concept is Google map (Navigator), real business cases are the exact map – with streets and houses. Welcome to the 21-st century! Start driving your business in an excellent way! And I’ll help you in this.

I hope to receive MORE and MORE your questions and requests! I have orders till the end of March and you can be a lucky berrar to receive your concept until May. But Do Be Quick! I can work much and hard but it should be borders to every business. I have my lovely family and want spend time with them, not only with Concepts. I love you.

See you soon,


P.s. Just to remind you – I am also HERE – www.RichLuckyLife.com

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