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This is the first time when we try to finalise some steps. First steps to the New Wealthy Life with Prosperity in Business! Business should grow and bring dividents and satisfaction. This is the main idea of the business life and this course.

Ok, what we have till now?

  • Idea – what is your business all about
  • Name – one of the most important brick of your business
  • Positioning – you place in the consumers mind
  • Marketing Strategy – your route from point A (where you are now) to point B (your Star Dream)
  • Vision – your most desirable dream!
  • FREE Consulting – my personal GIFT to you

All these pionts/stages are parts of Concept of Positioning. Concept of Positioning is the MAIN document for your successful business. If you don’t have such document – in written form or in your mind (the most advanced, but complicated variant) – it means that you play roulette (or russian roulette) with your business on the market. Of course, you can win/survive, but what are your chances? 95-97% you’ll be struggling to survive! Instead of enjoying life and “eating fruits of your succesful business”  you’ll be struggl with market, with economy, with competitors and customers! What for? If you a war man – go to the army and fight there. Consumer/business market looking for lovely persons, not for fighters! And reward business which LOVE what they are doing not businesses  which struggling to survive.

I would suggest you to be amond the 3-5% of succesfull lovers – businessmen who LOVES there businesses, customers, environment, families. As a result, have a succefull and prosperous business. There is only

Funny enough! Among these 95% of struggling there are many very talanted people with brilliant ideas and clever minds! They just don’t know basic rules, don’t know how to implement there knowledge. They doing there best, but making mistake after mistake, don’t learn on there own mistakes and… As a result – falue in business and life! That mean that in there NEXT LIFE they should start from the beginning, next life – from the beginning, etc., until they’ll fulfill there global mission on the Earth. (I will not talk about our LIFE MISSIONS here). Waste of time and waste of lifes! Instead of enjoynig all aspects of human life and after life – doing the same thing again and again.

My suggestion! This is the most interesting part of these post, may be the most important part of the whole blog until now! Listen/read carefully:


Concept of Positioning

consists of:

  • Idea for your business
  • Name – suggestions for your Lucky name
  • Positioning – finding right “positioning ladder” in the minds of potential customers
  • Reality – where you are NOW – Point A – start of your journey
  • Vision – define your most desirable dream – Point B – your desired destination
  • Marketing Strategy – your PERSONAL route on the map of existing business economy situation from Point A (where you are NOW) to Point B (your point of desired destination)

The total cost of this package is $ 15 888.

Only for my subscribers here and on I offer this package for FREE!!!! FREE!!! FREE!!! You don’t have any problems with your eyes – I am giving out GIFT that worth $15 888!!! Only ONE condition (in addition to previous one – you should be my subscriber) – I’ll do it only in 2013! As you can understand creation of this Concept is a time consuming thing. I’ll receive orders until I understand that it is enough/full for 1 year. It means that you HAVE TO be QUICK! I don’t think that I can  serve more than 10-20 businesses in a year (depends on size of your business and outgoing complexity). Want to receve it faster – ORDER TODAY! Don’t want to wait untill the end of the year? ORDER TODAY! Want to receive it FREE (instead of $15 888)? ORDER NOW!

I hope you’ll love my present! I am ready to answer ANY questions in regards to this offer. Think, ask, act! Earlier you start – Earlier you achieve your goal – Earlier you start to enjoy life! BE QUICK – ORDER NOW!

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